Saturday, December 2, 2017

A Book That Teaches Us To Celebrate

     Celebrating with Ruth Ayres and others today. Thanks for giving yourself to this community, Ruth. It's a good thing to celebrate the pieces of our lives.

          I've been busy catching up today after a full week, or perhaps they're always full? Recently, writing and reading fill much of the spare time with a quick scoot out of doors for more nature time while our weather is still warm. Today I've been reading and prepping some books to share another time, but I just received one from the library after a long wait. Clearly, it's very popular. 

     The book fits so beautifully what we do each weekend, to share our celebrations, naming what we are thankful for. Gracias Thanks by Pat Mora and illustrated by John Para is a bilingual picture book showing a young boy moving through his day, from rising to bedtime, telling what he is thankful for. Each time he tells what and why! Sometimes it's amusing: "For the sun that wakes me up so I don't sleep for years and years, and grow a long white beard, thanks." And other times, he's serious: "For Mom, who found my homework in the trash, thanks." John Parra illustrates with double-page spreads with the text in Spanish on the left, English on the right!

          for my waking up early (without an alarm) so I can watch the sunrise. Thanks.

          for the sunshine nearly every day, and the shades that let it in. Gracias.

          for my family that keeps in touch. I talk nearly every day with my daughter, and often enough with my son and brother that I know how their lives are going and they want to know what I'm doing too. Merci.
          for my evenings to settle in and on cold winter nights to get into my old, worn, but still cuddly fleece bathrobe. Thanks.

          for my writing that keeps me focused and for the reading that inspires  Gracias.

          for my new bookstore co-workers, who are willing to take time to brainstorm and solve problems, who don't take the easy way, but make an effort to create a solution that will work for a long time. Merci.

Wishing everyone a good week ahead, with small times that feel just right.


  1. I come here and feel as if I just had a little cup of tea with you. Here's thank you in Estonian: Aitäh!

    1. Good morning, Terje. It is lovely to have some tea with you! for your friendship across the sea! Aitäh!

  2. I was just reading something about this book the other day. We have migrant families at our schools during the fall, and I think this would be a great book to have. I am looking forward to some "small times" in the weeks ahead. Happy Sunday, Linda.

    1. Thank you, Leigh Anne. Yes, it would be a great addition to your school. Best wishes for your own small times!

  3. Love the sharing of your small gratitudes. I checked out this book recently and loved it too! I totally agree with your thanks of settling in on winter evenings.

    1. Just saw your fun week of celebrating, Ramona, & you were over here! Glad we agree about that settling in on cold nights!


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