Thursday, June 3, 2021

Poetry Friday - Filling A Basket

           Thanks to Margaret Simon who is hosting this Poetry Friday, at her blog,  Reflections on the Teche. She's sharing two lovely poems in response to two fabulous prompts! Thanks for hosting, Margaret.
          I want to give a shout-out to Irene Latham for her new book, D-39: A Robodog's Journey. I just started reading it and it's going to be hard to pull away to read everyone's posts! Don't miss it!

        All this time, the things that kept me going are easy, walking out, the sky and other nature pictures, and talks with friends and family. Of course, tiny things helped, too, but these are the big ones.

        "I think you might dispense with half your doctors if you would only consult Doctor Sun more, and be more under the treatment of those great hydropathic doctors, the clouds!" ~Henry Ward Beecher, Royal Truths
           Sky Dreams


I’m filling up my sky basket

with clouds a-drifting by.

I’ll catch the elephants and bears

and wispy veils like sighs,

then fly along the sky trails

meandering up high.


I’ll gather every blue there,

the lavenders and greys,

the azures and the sapphires

on sunny and cloudy days.

I’ll tuck in all the navies

from late-day sunset rays.


Today my basket’s full of blues.

Wishing you some sky dreams, too.


Linda Baie ©


  1. I am floating in your sky dreams, Linda. If only the clouds would move over and let the blue skies whisk me away. Your photos, especially the first one are lovely.

  2. Linda...this poem is a delight! I love the thought of collecting blue skies and clouds. Could I please use this poem with my students? They will love it.

  3. Love this poem and your sky pics too! I share your love of sky and its healing powers.

  4. Thank you, Carol, Linda & Ramona. Our skies these past few days are clear & summer heat is here! Linda, sure you can share!

  5. Wow, Linda, look at all those sky colors in your collage and poem. Beautiful. I love your idea of a sky basket full of blues.

  6. Love your poem -- the basket's full of blues !! Wistful and whimsical. Beautiful photos too. Thanks for the sky dreams today, Linda -- uplifting and life affirming.

  7. I am enamored with this idea of a sky basket that we can fill by looking up and paying attention, Linda!

  8. Gorgeous Sky poem Linda, of course I love it!!! All the colors—especially the "azures and the sapphires" and
    "clouds a-drifting by." I just want to get caught up in one of those
    " wispy veils like sighs,"
    "then fly along the sky trails" I'm ready to dive in, lovely image arrangement too, thanks! ;)

  9. Thanks, everyone, I hope you're grabbing a few 'sky dreams'! I've been out walking, not one cloud in the sky today! It's nearing 90! Have a lovely weekend!

  10. If I had to assign a theme to today's PF offerings, it would be the sky. I love the sky basket filling up. Lovely images, too. Summer skies are always so dramatic.

  11. Oh Linda what beautiful imagery. I love the idea of gathering sky dreams, and am off now to collect a few :)

  12. Thanks, Margaret and Sally. I hope you did find some lovely sky dreams today.

  13. Your sky dream poem came out of the blue, Linda! Thanks for filling my basket, too. :)

  14. Clouds are mesmerizing, aren't they? So many shifting shapes and colors! Your poem captures all their wonder perfectly. I especially love those "wispy veils like sighs."

  15. I love how your first stanza was all shapes, while your second stanza was all shades. No place better than Colorado for basket-filling skies! Your pictures AND your poem prove this!

  16. "I'm filling up my sky basket with clouds a-drifting by" - I love this opening line! So many shades of blue in the sky! Your poem with have me looking up and dreaming more often.

  17. After gardening early & a walk, because it's 90 degrees now, some awesome clouds are over the mountains, those cumulonimbus ones that have such great shapes. Thanks, Bridget, Catherine, Mary Lee, & Rose. I can't stop looking up & grabbing more!

  18. Thoroughly enjoyed your sky dreams Linda. Your words serve to remind of all us that there is so much simple pleasure in the soft embrace of time spent in nature's backyard. Stand still and look up at the sky...

  19. What a wonderful sky basket!

  20. Thanks, Alan & Ruth. The clouds have been sweeping in today, no rain but so much wind! & no putting them into the basket, too fast!

  21. What great photos, Linda. I love the poem they inspired, too. I'm struck by the phrase:
    wispy veils like sighs
    and the specific names for all the shades of blue--I can see them even without the photos.

  22. What a beautiful celebration of nature's power to soothe us. I love how naming the shades of blue hints at many different experiences over time of going out to "gather" blues.

  23. "Today my basket's full of blues"--what a full and fascinating line, Linda!


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