Thursday, June 9, 2022

Poetry Friday - Overheard In My Garden


  Poetry Friday is with Buffy Silverman, whose blog is HERE. Be sure to visit to read her delightful poem about the beautiful but tricky lady slippers! 

           It's been a very late spring this year for us in Denver. I have peony memories of cutting bunches to take to the cemetery for Memorial Day. A week has passed, and finally, there is one bloom! My imagination flies!

     Peony Whispers


“Hang in there,” shouted the roots.

“We’re closer,” sighed the leaves.

“It’s only a sprinkle of snow,” shivered the stems.

“The sun will come out tomorrow,” sang them all.

“Wait a bit longer,” cautioned the bud.

“I’m preparing to open.”

“The rain helped us,” said the roots,

almost there.”

“It’s time,” trilled the stems.

“We’re ready,” called the buds.

“At last!” answered the bloom.

"Welcome!" shouted the columbines.

“Thank you,” whispered the gardener. 


Linda Baie ©



  1. Ta da! What a great story poem. I'd love to illustrate this one. It would make a sweet book.

  2. At last! It was a long haul for the poor peony. I appreciate the encouraging stems: "It's only a sprinkle of snow."

  3. Aww, I love this peony conversation. :) :) :) Thank you, Linda. xo

  4. Late blooming, but worth the wait. Enjoyed your whimsical peony conversations!


  5. “Ah Delightful” sighed another gardener, love your joy filled-anticipating poem Linda! and “the sun will come out tomorrow.” I was coaxing my slow-to-come peonies too, and so few blooms this year but gorgeous, and I’m thankful! Thanks Linda!
    Michelle K

  6. Fun poem! Love the conversation between roots, leaves, stem, bud and bloom. (And our peonies just opened this week, too.)

  7. I love this! I'm obsessed with peonies and I have a bunch, but they just aren't getting enough sun where they're planted.

  8. Linda, the grandgirls are finally asleep and I am tired but happy to read your peony poem. I love peonies and had such luck on Long Island with the peony plant. The way you crafted this poem is unique. It has the flavor of a whispered conversation.

  9. This is such a beautiful conversation, Linda. Thank you!

  10. What a fun poem, Linda! Anastasia

  11. I love this poem SO much!! Clever (and WOW, your spring really IS late!!)

  12. What a delightful way to capture the emergence of these beautiful blooms! You immerse us in the patient expectation of the plants.

  13. That was me (Elisabeth) - I was accidentally anonymous!

  14. This poem truly is a (priceless) 'peony for your thoughts', Linda! :)

  15. I love peonies! Your poem personifies them so well. Lovely!

  16. The teacher in me looks at everything through the eyes of a lesson plan and this would be a wonderful poem for introducing kids to a STEM lesson. It is just so lovely.

  17. Thanks to all for coming by! Those peonies continue to bloom! We have a heat wave ongoing so watering is a must! Keep cool wherever you are!

  18. Hurray for the peonies! We wait with you in the high Sierras!

  19. Linda, what a precious poem! I would like to see it illustrated. I can hear the awe-filled whisper of the gardener.


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