Monday, October 11, 2021

Listen up! It's a Blog Tour -- It's a How-To-Be Revolutionary!

       Thanks to Beaming Books, I have the pleasure of sharing this book that shows how even young children notice and learn about the needs in our world and often want to do something to help! With poetic words by Cindy Wang Brandt and action-packed illustrations by Lynnor Bontigao, Kids will see they, too, can make a difference.  
         Cindy starts the child as a "revolutionary" at birth, a young one, writing "you giggled, you cried,/you declared, "I WILL BE HEARD!" She shows how children know that everyone has a right to food, shelter, water" while Lynnor Bontigao fills the pages with all kinds of children noticing the needs of others along with noticing those who are carrying signs to heighten awareness for the homeless. Through this journey of a child's wishes to make a change, support is given for those who are shy, who feel too young. She shows other children using their skills to make a difference. For example, she writes "If you excel at writing words/as mighty as a sword,/you can share a message/in ways that can't be ignored." And if you're good at music or art, you can write a song or create a sidewalk sign. 
        This will be an inspiration with these words and the colorful art full of children doing something. What fun it would be to read together in a group or with family and to make plans!

Here's part of an interview of Cindy Wang Brandt where she answers the question, "What inspired your story?"
       As I’ve previously mentioned, I have “faith shifted,” meaning I’ve left the faith of my childhood. This has caused significant anxiety and trauma in adulthood. As I’ve sought to understand the source of my angst, much of it was having power wielded over me when I was a child. A big part of my own healing is to become an advocate for children today, that they be afforded full autonomy because they are human beings, not any lesser than adults. If kids are to be treated and respected as adults are, then what excludes them from becoming revolutionaries, people who make a change in the world? It is a human right to have a say in the way we live our lives, and yet we exclude kids from this work. I think our world still has a long way to go to extend children the rights they deserve, and I hope my book helps move progress

Here is a coloring page for you that can accompany this special book!

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I am grateful to Beaming Books for the opportunity to share this book of support for young "change-makers"!


  1. I've been in one of Cindy Wang Brandt's online communities for years now and somehow I missed that she'd published a children's book. Thank you so much for sharing this one, Linda. I can't wait to read it!

    1. That is awesome to hear, Shaye! This is such a wonderful book. I hope you can find it soon!

  2. And this is on my list now too—you're on a roll today with recommendations! This story sounds like such an impactful one, and with great illustrations too. And I went to Cindy Wang Brandt's website, and she is an intriguing figure—at a quick glance, I'd have to say I agree with a lot of her messages. Thanks so much for the wonderful second post, Linda!

    1. Terrific! I know kids that have marched in the Women's Marches & others. This will make a great book for support! That's great you went to Cindy's site. Thanks for taking the time to come by!


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