Friday, July 22, 2011

The Little Buzzing Bee-a poem

Friday, July 22, 2011
         If you look carefully, this little bee is in the bottom middle.  I worked in the flower beds, noticing so many insects going about their lives as I was, and couldn't help but begin a small poem in tribute to the bees, connecting to our lives too.  Here is the way I looked at them.

The little buzzing bee
understands the formality
of daily life.

She buzzes from flower to flower
questing for the gold
with little strife.

She realizes
the point of
all her activities:
a need to eat,
a need to rest,

a need to live.

With the buzzing
of this delicate fluttering,
she sends a message
to all children
gathered on
the summer sunlit
greenness of their lives-
to live for the beauty of the moment.


  1. Love this--really like the last line--live for the beauty of the moment--we all need to take away this lesson from the bees!

  2. I liked the "summer sunlit greenness of their lives". Doesn't that just about depict a child's life?

  3. I really like how the rhythm and form of this poem change as it goes on. The beginning reminds me of a poem that would live comfortably in the time of Alice in Wonderland, and then the tempo builds till the words are fairly spilling out at the end.


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