Saturday, March 28, 2015

SOLC # 29/31 - Wires, Wires, Wires

   Time for the next to the next to the last SOLC, number 29 of 31 at the Two Writing Teachers blog, with Anna, Dana, Stacey, Tara, Betsy and Beth!  Still blogging With My Class at Linda & Jonathan's Class Blog even though we're now on spring break. Many students are still posting EVERY DAY!

Margaret Simon, of Reflections on the Teche hosts a meme--Digilit Sunday--about sharing technology. I am embarrassed that I don't share there more, seem to run out of time for it, although I love all the new tech apps and students are using them, too! Today I'm linking although I'm not so sure it's a help for anyone, but simply a query.

Friday, March 27, 2015

SOLC # 28/31 - Celebrations

Today I Celebrate with Ruth Ayres at Discover Play Build.

        It's also time for another SOLC, number 28 of 31 at the Two Writing Teachers blog, with Anna, Dana, Stacey, Tara, Betsy and Beth Link HERE! We've come far! After this, three days. Three days to wrap things up? Nearly every student has also written every day. What a writing month it has been! We'll be celebrating after spring break!

Blogging With My Class at Linda & Jonathan's Class Blog

        It's the first day of my spring break! There were some interesting parts of the week that I celebrate because they're over, and although it seemed like quite a long week, students completed their work, did much of it beautifully and creatively, and I know they're now celebrating a nice break, too. 

Thursday, March 26, 2015

SOLC # 27/31 - Told To Write About Spring

          Day Twenty-Seven of the Two Writing Teachers Slice of Life Challenge. Tweet at #SOL15 And also Poetry Friday with Jone McCullough at Check It Out. Thanks, Jone!

           Also blogging with my students at Linda & Jonathan's Class Blog

        Those Things That Grow

For ‘things that grow’, I was told to care
thus I’m growing a poem right now to share.
My list lingers,
counting on my fingers,
I say ten,
then think again.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

SOLC # 26 - My Post-Thanks To Terje

Day Twenty-Six - Wow! of the Two Writing Teachers Slice of Life Challenge.  Tweet at #SOL15
                Thanks to Tara, Dana, Anna, Betsy, Beth and Stacey for hosting!

    Also blogging with my students at Linda & Jonathan's Class Blog

           Terje, of Just for A Month wrote yesterday that sometimes she didn't want to be a teacher, and gave some good reasons why. I don't know if this came from a bad day, or is just the consistent contemplation many of us have of just how challenging teaching is. Anyway, Terje's words sit heavily on me today, and I wondered about all our "todays" when things happen as we start with fresh ideas, exciting thoughts of the way the day would go, and then
             AND THEN, they don't go as planned at all. Today, I didn't expect

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

SOLC # 25 - Non-Fiction - How Much Courage Do You Have?

                Also blogging with my students at Linda & Jonathan's Class Blog

Day Twenty-Five of the Two Writing Teachers Slice of Life Challenge.   Tweet at #SOL15

        Thanks to Tara, Dana, Anna, Betsy, Beth and Stacey for helping us say, one week to go. 

SOLC # 24/31-non-fiction - more to learn - linking with Alyson Beecher at KidLit Frenzy, who hosts non-fiction picture book Wednesday, wonderful resources found there!

 Learning about history enriches our lives and when we share, enriches that of our students, too. This time I'm sharing two books of ordinary people, like you and me, that became extraordinary. They made our lives today better, and isn't that wonderful?

Seeds of Freedom, The Peaceful Integration of Huntsville, Alabama - written by Hester Bass and illustrated by E.B. Lewis
            I think I've brave and I have done some personally courageous things in my life, but none that jeopardized my physical well-being. Oh, I could have fallen when rock-climbing or on a zipline, I guess, but I mean physical harm from other people. This story shares the efforts of a whole lot of African-American people who sat in at lunch counters, took their children to forbidden parks, and walked through crowds of people who didn't want them there to take their children to the "better" white schools. I believe I could do it; I believe in fighting for what's right. This story tells the small seeds of beginning to the triumph of the end of segregation in Huntsville.  In his beautiful illustrations, E.B. White shows the serious and the triumphant parts of this time. It was peaceful, but civil rights were a long time coming. You will enjoy hearing about it from Hester Bass.