Thursday, February 11, 2016

Poetry Friday-Love Is In The Air

           Poetry Friday is hosted by Kimberley Moran at her blog, Written Reflections. This time, Kimberley shares her newfound love of hummingbirds and a beautiful book of poems that follow their life cycle. Be sure to visit to take a peek.  I imagine there'll be a more love shared today, two days before Valentine's Day. 

I've had fun this week writing for Laura Shovan's birthday challenge to found objects, and entered Susanna Leonard Hill's Valentiny story contest. Over a hundred have entered. Wow! And it was fun to give it a go. I wrote a poem/story you can read in yesterday's post

I'm sharing a favorite love poem from Chaucer today. Enjoy!  

            How to Write a Love Letter

            Don’t write too neat, and use a little guile—
            Let tear stains blot your words once in a while
            But if you find a word you think is clever,
            Use it but once, don’t harp on it forever!
            For though a harper were the best alive,
            And had the best harp in the world to play,
            And played it best with all his fingers five,
            If he but touched one string or sang one lay,
            However sharp his nails were filed away,
            His music would but make men dull and sad,
            And only when he stopped would they be glad.
                        --Geoffrey Chaucer in ‘Troilus and Cressida’

I "found" this picture on Morguefile. Hope it pleases you as it pleased me. Happy Valentine's Day!

The Valentiny Compromise

            Here's my entry for The Valentiny Contest  by Susanna Leonard Hill. You can read all the entries here at Susanna's post for the contest, so, so many wonderful ones!

A Valentiny Compromise

Bear and Bee were enemies,
but both were fond of sweets.
Bee helped create the honey
Bear dearly loved to eat.

(This is a honey of a fable.)

Bee grumped about this crime
that hungry Bear would take
the dripping, nectarous delight
that Bee herself would make.

(No amity available.)

Bee buzzed from bloom to hive,
doing her furtive best
to keep the humming low,
befuddling Bear in his quest.

(Bee was, it seems, unstoppable.)

Still as she frowned and flew,
Bee began to vacillate.
She noticed fresh green leaves  
were all that Bunny ate.

(Bee thought it was remarkable.)

And buzzing Bee saw also
the love Bear had for flowers.
He sniffed among the blooms,
took naps in them for hours.

(Perhaps beliefs are breakable.)

At last Bee understood,
thought it would be a pleasure
for each to take a part
of every garden’s treasure.

(Good thinking made her capable.)

Valentines spread love around
and share sweets all the day.
Smiling Bee proved willing to
give some honey away.

(Show kindness when you’re able.)

Bee buzzed around and round the Bear
sending clues of love that’s sweet,
led hungry Bear to an abandoned hive
for a tasty Valentiny treat.

(Be sure ALL come to your table.)

Linda Baie © All Rights Reserved

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Inspiring Life Adventures

         Thanks to Alyson Beecher's Non-Fiction Picture Book Challenge at Kidlit Frenzy, I started reading more non-fiction picture books, and found they taught me as well as entertained me. Hope you will find some good books for yourself as you read my post and others.  

         Come read to discover everyone's recent nonfiction picture books.
       Tweet - #NFPB16

Fourteen Cows for America - written by Carmen Agna Deedy and illustrated by Thomas Gonzalez. 
           I saw this displayed at my library, and had to sit down and enjoy its beautiful story and illustrations all over again. If you've never seen it, you must. It's lovely.

Hillary - written by Jonah Winter and illustrated by Raul Col√≥n
            It's a fairly straightforward biography, from Hillary's early childhood to a hint that she might be running for president again, which now we know she is. Clearly she is a fierce competitor, persisting in her goals from youth to Secretary of State. She is to be admired for her strength and how much she has fought for women's rights. For middle grades and a bit older, a beginning knowledge of who might be the first woman president. It must be hard to paint people who are so well known. The illustrations are fairly realistic, showing Hillary in various backgrounds, speaking, meeting with important people all over the world. 

Monday, February 8, 2016

Love On Valentine's Day

      I'm slicing with the Two Writing Teachers community today, and it's always good to read what everyone shares.  Thank you Stacey, Tara, Anna, Betsy, Dana, Kathleen, Beth, and Deb. 

          I am rather immersed in words lately. I won't say drowning, but I've been in the pool a lot. I write my own blog posts, letters, and since February 1st, a poem every day for Laura Shovan's annual February birthday challenge. We've been inspired by postcards, Pantone colors and sounds. This year people contributed photos of "found" objects.  If you'd like to join us, the information is hereThere are a few other monthly challenges that I usually write for, too.  I read books, magazines, blog posts. My thesaurus and rhyming dictionary sit by my side. And I read, books, magazines, others' writing on the web. Words are important to me, delightful and mysterious, especially in poetry.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Monday Reading Wrap

         Visit Jen at Teach MentorTexts and Kellee and Ricki at UnleashingReaders to see what they've been reading, along with everyone else who link up.   

            Remember that the winners in all the Cybils' categories will be announced next Sunday,  Feb. 14th, Valentine's Day. All the finalists are here.

Quiet: The Power of Introverts In A World That Can't Stop Talking - Susan Cain

              It's a dense book, full of much information about older and more recent research surrounding introverts and extroverts, how the brains work in each, and sometimes how they do things mixed from both temperaments. Personalities can be formed from nature or nurture, and each person does not fit into a precise mode. Susan Cain focuses on introversion, how those who feel they're introverts often remain quiet, and sometimes are not "heard" because of their preferred ways of thinking and presentation. They think first, act second, and that is sometimes looked upon as too late. If you have a feeling that you often don't fit into the social whirl of enthusiastic, "out there" people who take up all the space, this is a book you will enjoy. And it is a book that might help you feel you have more control over your life.

How The Sun Got To Coco’s House - written and illustrated by Bob Graham
         Bob Graham’s illustrations are filled with joy as the sun moves through his landscape of different people in the world, furry animals, and interesting streets. Finally it gets to Coco’s house and wakes him. He runs to wake the sleepy parents, and a day of play begins, with the sun as one of their companions. Those little things illuminated in Graham’s story make you smile with each page.