Monday, April 1, 2024

April - Poetry Month, Day One - Acrostic

Happy Poetry Month!

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        I'm taking the advice from the poet who has given so much to help us all, including students and teachers, write poetry. I'll be moving from A to Z, obviously needing to combine a few to make it all come out to 30. FYI—Sometimes, Paul Janeczko offers a prompt to write a poem that begins with the specific alphabet letter instead of a poem type. It will be fun to be open to writing in all kinds of ways!

       You can find the path to the Progressive Poem over to the right! Simply click on the graphic!

       The first challenge for A is to write an acrostic!

      Here is what I wrote! Some days, I'll write about the world today and today this poem reflects our troubled world, the challenges of war, politics, climate change, and accidents, which all often leave us wondering if there is a way we can make a difference? I hope so!


                                        S imple, you say?

                                        U nder fire

                                        R aging

                                        V ast

                                        I  rreconcilable differences

                                        V ainglorious

                                        A nxiety

                                        L  ost breath

                                                            Linda Baie ©


  1. Linda, NOT Simple at All. The title of your poem is appropriate and the acrostic mounts after the S. The ending is powerful.

    1. Thanks, Carol, It was a tricky one to write, for I did not want too much negative, yet keeping going (surviving) seems as if it is what many are doing in our recent world. I feel hopeful, yet realistic as well.


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