Saturday, April 13, 2024

April - Poetry Month - 2024, Day Thirteen, M - Mothers and Music

      Happy Poetry Month!

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        I'm taking the advice from the poet who has given so much to help us all, including students and teachers, write poetry. I'll be moving from A to Z, obviously needing to combine a few to make it all come out to 30. FYI—Sometimes, Paul Janeczko offers a prompt to write a poem that begins with the specific alphabet letter instead of a poem type. It will be fun to be open to writing in all kinds of ways!

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       It was my mother's birthday a few days ago and Mother's Day is in a few weeks. The prompts today, among others, are "mother" and "music".  When I was little, my mother sang the old lullaby, "Too Ra, Loo Ra, Loo Ral" to me and it remains a vivid memory. Then, looking through some old sheet music, a part of one page held these lyrics, seeming serendipitous since I spend my growing up years in Missouri. Thus, the nod to music in two ways and to my mother.

Mama Tunes  


Sweet and low,


hush now,

don’t you cry.


Toora loora

            lullaby, goodnight.            

Don’t say a word,

I’ll tuck you tight.


Hush little baby,

drowsy hours are creeping.

Come lie adrift

in moonbeams streaming.


Mother sang

these songs to me.

Still rocking me

in memories.

              Linda Baie ©  


  1. "That's an Irish lullaby." I remember hearing this one, too--thanks for reminding me!

    1. Aw, so glad you are one who knows it, JoAnn. Thank you for sharing!


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