Wednesday, April 10, 2024

The Progressive Poem is Here!


The Kidlit Progressive Poem started with Irene Latham's idea to celebrate National Poetry Month in 2012, to bring us together in poetry, writing one poem! Margaret Simon started managing all of us in 2020. Thanks to them both for both creating and continuing this special tradition! Each writer who volunteers creates a new line of the poem.

Patricia Franz started with a couplet, and it continued until Margaret combined those into quatrains. We're a third of the way through the month. Will these two children face bigger challenges and find some care within the group? Will they find what they're hoping for? 

Here is the poem so far, my lines in bold.

cradled in stars, our planet sleeps,
clinging to tender dreams of peace
sister moon watches from afar
singing lunar lullabies of hope.

almost dawn, I walk with others,
keeping close, my little brother.
hand in hand, we carry courage
escaping closer to the border.

My feet are lightning;
My heart is thunder.
Our pace draws us closer
to a new land of wonder.

I bristle against rough brush --
poppies ahead brighten the browns.
Morning light won't stay away --
Hearts jump at every sound.
I hum my own little song
like ripples in a stream

Humming Mami’s lullaby

reminds me I have her letter


Passing this on to Buffy Silverman HERE tomorrow!


  1. I love what you have added here, a Mami who loves these kids and the love they carry in her letter! Thanks.

  2. Linda: The love and wishes... even wisdom?... of a Mami? Thanks for opening this door! Lovely!!!

  3. Oh, Linda, you are taking a turn here. Perfectly set up. Precious.

  4. Ooh, a letter! Ruth,

  5. Oh the letter! Time to scratch my head and figure out where we go from here. Thanks for the great setup.

  6. I love that you've placed their mami with them--with both the lullaby and the letter. I hadn't noticed the quatrains before. They work really well to give structure to the poem's story!

  7. This might be our best poem ever. Good job keeping it chugging forward!

  8. I like learning more about the kid through their family connections. You built on and created opportunities!

  9. Oh, wow - another layer, this one in paper. Well done, Linda!

  10. Linda, i am sorry that I did not comment on your lines for the PP. I have admired them each time I read the poem.


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