Monday, April 15, 2024

April - Poetry Month - 2024, Day Fifteen - PLUS - It's Monday - Poetry for Young Ones!


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Happy Poetry Month!

        I'm taking the advice from the poet who has given so much to help us all, including students and teachers, write poetry. I'll be moving from A to Z, obviously needing to combine a few to make it all come out to 30. FYI—Sometimes, Paul Janeczko offers a prompt to write a poem that begins with the specific alphabet letter instead of a poem type. It will be fun to be open to writing in varied ways!

       You can find the path to the Progressive Poem over to the right! Simply click on the graphic!

       I'm on a different path because today's Alphabet letter is O, and O is for Opposites! Charles Ghigna, whose poems are often for all ages, has this time written a book for young ones, and also for those beginning readers who will love a story with a few words to learn along with a delightful story that will make them smile. The title, The Magic Box, publishes at the end of this month! 

      Pandora, a cute panda, is out for a walk and finds a box. "Hmm", I'm sure she thinks, what could this be? "She picked it up. /She put it down." After a bit more exploration, wow, the box begins to talk! In this journey, that "magic box" tells about itself in brief phrases that are also small poems,  like "I like NIGHT." and "I like DAY." followed by "I go LEFT." and "I go RIGHT." Jacqueline East's illustrations are color-filled with fun expressions and actions! She also leaves enough white space so young readers' centers of attention are of Pandora's and the Box's actions. Also, that space helps the focus on new words being read, too. 

  One peek inside!

Thanks to Schiffer Publishing Ltd. for my copy!


  1. I love that you shook up your Poetry Month posts to share one more book, Linda, and this one looks absolutely delightful! I love the little poems within it, and the spin on the story of Pandora's box, and the pun of having a panda named Pandora as the protagonist! This looks lovely. Thanks so much for the thoughtful review and the super-fun post!

    1. Thanks for coming by to see this cute book, Max. It's just right for the little ones, cute rhymes along with the learning about opposites!


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