Sunday, January 8, 2012

Looking Back On My Writing

      A comment on yesterday's celebration of my 200th post suggested sharing some popular posts and some favorites.  I did a quick look and chose a few.  I have struggled with what I want my blog to be, and like others, have focused on teaching the language arts, with some personal moments shared, although almost always with teaching connected in some way.  One cannot be a teacher and not connect every part of one's life with that experience.  I wonder if those not in this profession know that?  Those I know who have different professions do not read the newspaper and say things like "I'll cut this article out to share with my class, or colleagues." or "That comic would be terrific to teach about dialogue".  And they do not visit stores ever looking for bargains that would add to the amazing collection of 'stuff' that teachers use: they do not collect egg cartons, two liter pop bottles, cardboard from the shirts at the cleaners, and the netting that holds little potatoes.  Thus, my posts tend always to connect my life's adventures to the teaching.  Here are a few favorites:

      The end of the March Slice of Life challenge at Two Writing Teachers was also the end of my first month.  My post described saying goodbye at the end of the year to my students and I wrote a poem of goodbye to the slicers of that month.

       Poetry plays an important part in my life and I have lately become involved with the Poetry Friday group.  Each day in April I wrote a poem.  William Stafford is known to write a poem every day and when asked how he did it, he said he lowered his standards.  During April, I certainly did that too, but here is one poem I feel is worthy to re-read.

       Like others, I am often surprised where my writing takes me, so when I started a piece about my learning about writing during the poetry month of April, I didn't know it would lead me to words about making a grilled cheese!  Here is what I said.

       Since I am out of the classroom now and working with teachers as a literacy coach, my thinking approaches work differently, and some posts have been about that.  There are several ideas in being a great teacher that are meaningful to me, and having great conversations among colleagues and with students is one of them.  I wrote two posts about this, and here is the first one.

       Finally, I have three grandchildren, one born at the end of July, and they been the subjects of quite a few posts, and often connected to teaching, too.  I have been honored to write two guest posts for Stacey and Ruth at Two Writing Teachers this year, and one of them was about my newest granddaughter.  I wrote about her and this topic here, and the expanded guest post link is here.

       It's been a worthwhile challenge to keep writing my blog posts these past months, and I've learned much by reading other's writing.  It's cemented my belief in mentor texts for writers!  As I said in yesterday's post, I am so appreciative of the blogger support given, and am excited to see what happens in 2012.



  1. The introduction to this post is so true. It is the difference between a career and a calling, I think. How fun to revisit some of your words from the past. I especially enjoy the way these favorites posts work together to paint a picture of you, of your values. There is so much to celebrate here!

  2. What fun...I loved going back and reading your favorite posts....I still like the grilled cheese analogy. I read that post with fresh eyes today and new things popped out at me. As always, you give me lots to think about!

  3. I'm impressed that you went back and re-read your writing...but that is how all writers learn and improve their craft, so BRAVO! I am so glad that you mentioned blogger support - those comments mean a lot, don't they?! And you are always so generous about reading and then leaving behind a thought, an encouragement, a perceptive question. Your support of others begets their support of you!

  4. Love that Stafford quote! I'll remember it come April when I try for a third year to write a poem a day.

  5. Hi Linda! Congratulations on your 200th post! That is indeed an accomplishment! I also affirm what you say about the importance of the support that we get from fellow bloggers/bibliophiles - we are indeed building a community, and this has become a second home for me now. :)


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