Thursday, September 5, 2013

Traveling Over to Two Writing Teachers

       About this time last year I sent an e-mail to my colleagues to see if any were interested in joining me in a writers’ critique group.  I had one colleague that I had already discussed it with and she was “in” I knew.  I imagined that there would be three or four interested, and was surprised when more than that replied.  My story, and the rewards of this group, now starting our second year can be found at Two Writing Teachers today.  Please come visit to see how starting a group can reward you personally, but inform your teaching more than you ever imagined.  
         Thanks to Ruth and Stacey for inviting me to share this story, and to my colleagues who contributed their own ideas, too.


  1. Loved the post. Had difficulty commenting likely an iPad issue. I found myself wondering what sorts of things the teachers were writing and how many genres were represented. The group reminded me of a group of teachers I met with to share and support each other through National Boards. I hope you keep us updated !

    1. Thanks Lee Ann. One of our group has a novel, has talked to a few agents who gave her good hope! One is writing a blog that chronicles the life on her farm. I have been sticking to poetry because of an upcoming workshop I'm attending, & another has been writing a personal story, hoping to publish on This I Believe. We are an eclectic crew, obviously, but enjoying each other's work immensely & trying to help each other improve. Group support is so important, as your national boards group probably was too!


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