Thursday, June 26, 2014

Visiting Today's Little Ditty

                 With a challenge at Michelle Barnes' Today's Little Ditty, I wanted to try something, so go visit her wonderful poetry site to see my attempt at a slide/movie. I now know a few things, and wish I'd added some text. Next time! Thanks to Michelle, you can enjoy many of the tree photos I've taken through these past years, with a poem accompanying!
               I've been out of town the past few Sundays and missed the Digitech meme at Margaret Simon's Reflections on The Teche. It's worth visiting, too!


  1. It was lovely to hear your voice on the video, Linda. Was the program easy to use? Beautiful tree photos, too.

  2. Thanks for the shout out, Linda. I hope you are having safe travels. I am happily blogging from the porch by the lake. I love your poem movie with all the tree photos. You should do one with all your cloud pictures.

  3. I love your poem movie. Your photographs are beautiful. Good for you for using iMovie. I don't use it enough, so I am always relearning it. :)


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