Sunday, January 22, 2017

Celebrating This Day

    Celebrating with Ruth Ayres at Discover Play Build.  and linking with others who share their celebrations, too. I am grateful to Ruth for helping us celebrate together!  

  It has been a weekend full of busy, and I'm late to share celebrations, finally found a minute to read Ruth's post about true love, and laughed. I do clean my house and keep things fairly straight, promise. My car is a different case. I don't clean it very often, and in the past in my haste to get to work, I would often eat an apple on the way. I appreciate apples a lot, and do believe "an apple a day keeps the doctor away". 
    On one of my shelves sits a dried apple core, found by my husband and wrapped up as a gift years ago. He often would clean out my car for me because he knew how much I disliked doing it. This time, under a seat, as he explained, he found a quite dried core. He often gave me funny gifts, and this is one special one I've kept. True love, as Ruth wrote so eloquently, is to be celebrated every time we can. 
     It is those small things given freely that make our lives worth traveling.



  1. Touching how your story connects with Ruth's post. It is a bit surprising to see an actual apple core on your shelf. As the time passes I appreciate the little things more and more. For me love is often in a cup of tea.

  2. What a funny fellow you had! The act of cleaning out the car was true love.

  3. True love shows itself in the most surprising ways, doesn't it. Your story and picture make me smile. Have a wonderful week.

  4. Love in an apple core. You and Ruth have a connection going.


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