Saturday, June 10, 2017

Celebrating All Kinds of Fun

 Celebrating with Ruth Ayres at Discover, Play, Build, and linking with others who share, too. I'm always grateful to Ruth for our weekly celebrations together.

"A Smile is contagious. Be a Carrier!"  anonymous
          Celebrating 'useless afternoons' as Ruth shares sounds wonderful. I imagine working among the flowers, walking with the girls to the park, going to the beach, writing and reading on the front porch or patio. I know that teachers especially yearn for those days when the only thing to do in the early morning might be to water the flower pots on the porch. I have been doing some of these things, plus summer means vacations, so I've also worked some extra shifts this past week at the bookstore for those who are traveling. Our customers are easy, avid readers, sometimes want only to browse for their next good book, and other times ask for a recommendation. I help, I rearrange displays, I pull books for passing on to other places.  It's been a lovely past couple of weeks, and the next two days I'll have Ingrid and Imogene starting tonight till Tuesday evening while their mom's out of town, and their dad needs a break. They both are doing different summer camps this summer and having a good time meeting new kids, learning new things. 
           Celebrating. . .

My next great read - I won the book!

Ingrid's end of music camp group presentation.

A swallowtail returns.
Having fun with Ingrid while shopping.
The arrival of the peonies!
Watching those busy bees among the flowers.
I imagine you'll need to enlarge it, but there's
a bee having fun inside this poppy. 
Imi's ballet recital. She's front right, looking out at the
audience - blue costume.


  1. I just started Orphan Island and I'm thinking about writing about it for my DigiLit post tomorrow on problem solving. The first few pages are hard to figure out. Intriguing. Love all the pictures and the joy you express with them.

    1. I think I'll be ready to start by tomorrow. Now you really have me intrigued! Thanks, Margaret!

  2. Such fun to get a peek into your summer delights! I love all the pics, especially the butterfly. I'm interested in Orphan Island. I think I've already requested it from the library. Just finished my book club book - The Last Days of Night. An interesting HF read about Edison, Westinghouse, Tesla, and a young attorney. Enjoy the time with those grand girls!

    1. Oh, I love the nf books. This sounds so interesting. And I know Sarah loves anything about Tesla. Thanks, Ramona.

  3. Those granddaughters of yours are growing so quickly! I love to hear about your time at the bookstore. There's so much to celebrate!

  4. Wonderful celebrations help us relax, Linda. Enjoy the time with your granddaughters. I am sure it will be filled with joy. I captured your butterfly for the gallery. Thanks. (I am still waiting for baby news. This little one must be comfy inside.)

  5. Another book to add to my summer pile! :-) I have always wanted to work at a bookstore... so fun to hear about it. :-) Love the pictures!

  6. Ahhh so many perfect priceless ideas in your post. Bookstores, free book, celebration of music and peonies.

  7. Collecting and savoring moments - none of them need to be grand, yet some turn out special. The performances always melt my heart. I can imagine that as a granny the joy of seeing grand kids performing brings an extra big smile and maybe some tiny tears.

  8. Thanks everyone. I have had those grand-girls since last night until tomorrow night, so am certainly busy. Today has been a good one. Have a wonderful week!


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