Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Slice of Loving Nature

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             I just returned from two weeks on Captiva Island, in a house by the ocean with my family. Aside from glorying in the ocean, swimming and playing every day, saying goodnight to the sun, I do what I seem to do everywhere, watch the animal life. I couldn't take pictures of the live sand dollars I found, but we brought them out briefly in order to wonder at their small waving tentacles. I couldn't take a pic of the black snake with yellow under the head I saw wriggling through the sand, but I'll remember where I think it lives, in an awesome tree outside the house that must be home for a wealth of small creatures. My regret is that I don't have the time to observe for months. I think I would see changes that would surprise, just as I do in my own home. I'm hoping that the grandchildren will continue to notice, love and respect their own natural worlds as they grow up.
    That special tree where the snake disappeared.

    Here are the animals I managed to capture, among so many others we saw. 

    Live shell found, observed, and returned to the sea.

    We adored watching the little sanderlings
    who scurried past with one eye on us.
    We stopped at a coffee house and found a tiny crab.
    This short-billed dowatcher arrived every
    Evening walk by the house, lots of small
    crabs out for their own strolls.
    Never easy to catch a lizard still enough
    for a picture, but finally found one!
    Discovered on the front walk one morning.
    We think it was a young heron.
    Crane on the next door roof. 
    Not alive, but loved anyway. Created by my
    son-in-law, Dave, and grandkids, Carter and Imogene.
        "Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson


    1. Love the pictures, Linda. Sounds like you had a relaxing two weeks. It is fun to watch the native wildlife in their natural habitat. There is always so much to see and learn just by observing. Personally, I am not a fan of seeing snakes.

      1. It was a marvelous time, our fifth year there! This was the first snake we'd seen, though we know they must be there! It was fun to see it wriggle along, but glad it wasn't in the house! Thanks, Bob.

    2. Love your pictures that captured some of the amazing wildlife. Sounds like a fantastic vacation! I love observing nature.

      1. It was a joy finding new creatures! Thanks, Shelly.

    3. As you well know, nature is a love of mine. I haven't been to a beach lately, but I'm sure I'd be right next to you taking those pictures. The sand sculpted sea turtle is awesome. Thanks for sharing.

    4. We just finished an ocean vacation too. We were at a busy beach though, so we only saw birds and a few small Fiddler Crabs. My children are young, and they couldn't get enough of the waves!

      1. Glad to hear about your time, too, Lisa. We had a wonderful time.

    5. Each picture is a masterpiece. A story. They breathe summer scents and sounds.

      1. Thanks, Julieanne, I love taking these pics along with the people and the greenery, too.

      2. Linda, I love every single pic you managed to capture. I bet your notebook is full of sketches too! And that turtle creation on the beach - the grands will never forget that. With you as their guide, your grandchildren will absorb your love of the natural world. Thanks for sharing your trip with us!

      3. Thanks, Ramona. It was a wonder of a trip. Dave loves doing the sand sculptures and Carter is always a help, too. This time, Imi helped collect the sea weed! Fun!


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