Saturday, December 9, 2017

A Good Day Everyday

     Celebrating with Ruth Ayres and others today. Thanks for giving yourself to this community, Ruth. It's a good thing to celebrate the pieces of our lives.

      I agree with Ruth, "hope is sensible" and I found another quote that feels good to me at this troubled time in our country. It is anonymous: "When the world says, "Give up," Hope whispers, "Try it one more time." I am thankful and celebrate the good things in my life that help me begin each day with "hope" for more ahead.

Celebrating this week that:
         I'm loving a poetry challenge started last year named #haikuforhealing. Each morning begins with quiet writing time. Holding on to that moment of contemplation is a comforting start to my day.  Here's one for all of us celebrating:
                                               attention paid,
                                               my breathing slows -
                                               then I smile
       I got a perm and I am finally getting used to it. It's great that I no longer need to blowdry my hair.

        Imogene and I visited the Museum of Nature and Science for the first time in a while, and it was just as fun as always. As we leave, Imi has to do a bit more fun with the rear-screen part. Here, she's 'holding' hands with an astronaut.

        I had a nice phone call from Carter this week. This doesn't happen often, and it was wonderful to hear his voice. 

        I had lunch with a friend and co-worker at the bookstore. Sometimes it's hard to talk about what's happening at the "busy" store, so this was a good time to visit and discuss coming plans.

        I attended our annual HOA board meeting to hear about the plans for the coming year, the budget, etc. We meet at a nearby recreation center. There is art in a number of places, and several of these ceramic creations along an outside wall. I do love seeing art in so many places in my area. 

        I worked at the store on Thursday and saw a few customers I'm beginning to know, plus a young woman in school came by to talk about volunteering. She wants to learn how the store works, will start next week!

        Ingrid and I had our usual Friday fun, first at Starbucks, then home to read and relax. This time she helped me bring up the tree and box of decorations. That'll be my job for tomorrow. 
        I celebrate the good week, now ready to do some wrapping and mailing!


  1. I have not been able to keep up with a haiku each day, but I write one every few days. Love hearing about the special times you have with Imogene. She's a lucky girl.

    1. Always glad to hear you're writing. Thanks, Margaret.

  2. I love these celebrations you wrote about! I have been writing #haikuforhealing each day, too. I am sharing one a day with a former student - now adult!

    1. So nice to hear, Trina. I hope you're posting on twitter, too!

  3. Linda,
    I have that quote as the signature in my school email. I always love hearing your celebrations! Have a wonderful week.

    1. I love hearing that you use that quote, Julie. I love it, too! Thank you!

  4. I missed writing a celebration this week, and only today I have time to read other celebrations. I am glad that I am reading. even if I don't write my own, reading these celebrations makes me smile. "The usual Friday Fun" is a wonderful phrase.
    I just finished "The Tale of Desperaux" with my students. More than once during the reading we talked about whether hope is good or not. They had mixed feelings. At the end students concluded that hope can give strength and therefore it is good, even if you don't get what you wish.

    1. I'm not posting each week, either, Terje. I seem to have more to do than ever, but thanks very much for coming by. It was a great week. I loved The Tale of Desperaux, just gave it to my granddaughter for a 'someday' read. I will tell her about your classes' conclusion!


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