Saturday, April 28, 2018

#NPM18 - 28/30 - Outside

April is #NPM18 - National Poetry Month.

"Wanted: a needle swift enough to sew this poem into a blanket."
 ~Charles Simic
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        And, see what many are doing for Poetry Month, by looking HERE at Jama Rattigan's post at Jama's Alphabet Soup.
              My goal for Poetry MonthA haiku diary that may include other forms related to haiku, like haibun, haiga. monoku or renga. My first poem speaks of why I am handwriting the poems.

April’s garden,
growing poems 
on lined pages
                    Linda Baie
       Poem one
       Poem two
       Poem three 
       Poem Four
       Poem Five
       Poem Six  

       Poem Seven
       Poem Eight 
       Poem Nine 
       Poem Ten
      Poem Eleven
      Poem Twelve
      Poem Thirteen
      Poem Fourteen
      Poem Fifteen
      Poem Sixteen 
      Poem Seventeen
      Poem Eighteen
      Poem Nineteen
      Poem Twenty

      Poem Twenty-One
      Poem Twenty-Two
      Poem Twenty-Three
      Poem Twenty-Four
      Poem Twenty-Five
      Poem Twenty-Six
      Poem Twenty-Seven

Here is Poem Twenty-Eight, a haibun. Discover more about them here

             My nine-year-old granddaughter Ingrid and I spent some hours at a nearby park that has a stream, a pond and a marsh. We sat and sketched, observed, saw many geese and ducks, heard the wondrous redwings call, observed a pair of egrets tapping at the bank for food, and had the surprising pleasure of watching an otter play for a while. Nature is a wondrous thing, and we were glad to have the time there and together. And while not in this picture, yes, the ducks did waddle out and sat near us while we sketched in another area.


  1. What I am loving most about all your poems this month Linda is how they focus on the remarkable details in life that sometimes get overlooked. You show us how significant they really are.

    1. Thank you for being my dependable reader, Cheriee. I am trying hard to capture a moment that will remind me of that special time. Just trying haiku when so many have come before me is a challenge, but I've enjoyed the doing!

  2. What a fun post Linda, your haiku, image, and I love ❤️ the description before with all the critter activity— and I sure would enjoy being in short sleeves, thanks!

    1. Our weather seems to have turned, maybe even settled! It was a lovely day at the park, Michelle. Thanks!

  3. First, the image is wonderful. Second, the idea of ducks watching the sketching reminds me that nature observes us as much as we do it. Finally, the alliteration in the first line is wonderful.

    1. They seemed quite at home near us, probably there are many visitors they're used to. Thanks, Glenda!


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