Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Non-fiction Picture Books - A Story By One Chief Justice

art by Sarah S. Brannen

      Visit Alyson Beecher on Wednesdays for Non-Fiction Picture Books at Kidlit Frenzy.  From her post and others, you will discover and want to celebrate terrific nonfiction picture books! 

            It feels good to share this book about the life of our Chief Justice Sonia Sotomayor this week and her inspiring life with books. 

        From her earliest memory, Sonia Sotomayor loved books and words. She remembers her abuelita reading poems about Puerto Rico, her island home. This autobiography shows numerous highlighted moments, like when she was diagnosed with childhood diabetes, she became brave through reading about superheroes. The illustrations are mixed media by Lulu Delacre and follow the text with various pages showing Sotomayor's loving connection to books. I especially enjoyed her sharing the excitement when encyclopedias arrived, the love of reading about Puerto Rico, and seeing her studying in the stacks at Princeton. Studying in a huge library's study rooms, sometimes called "stacks" or "carrels" is a favorite memory of mine, too. She talks of books as friends, appreciating the information they gave her to figure out the world and right from wrong.

 There is a timeline at the end and enjoyable photographs on the endpapers.


  1. I am so excited to see an autobiography for kids by a sitting Supreme Court justice. Unprecedented! And timely. Thanks for the inside glimpse.

    1. There are several, but it's lovely to see this one by Justice Sotomayor herself and her celebration of books in her life. Thanks, Annette.


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