Tuesday, April 30, 2019

NPM19 - #30 - Wending My Way To May

   My kind of goodbye. . .

Tabatha Yeatts has created a link to poems teachers and librarians can print for poetry month, titled "Poetry in The Halls". I'm grateful to be one of the poets!

Jama Rattigan has a post HERE with many poets' goals for April.

The Progressive Poem schedule can be found on the right. And you must check out the final post HERE by Donna Smith. She has created out of the words already written and she has set the poem to song, singing along with her ukelele! It's wonderful!



Wending My Way To May

After 29 days,
I think I’ve digested
a wordy routine.
I crunched granola before sun up,
walked through my tree-strewn streets
at sunrise,
nature’s wake-up writing call,
tweeting with the birds,
and entered that dusky dawn.
Time for coffee;
time to open the laptop.
Who had already posted?
Is mine ready?
Do a final check - enough, 
it has to be enough.
Yes! I wrote another day,
now time to read THE line from
Irene’s Progressive Poem,
THE next act of Amy’s story,
Ruth’s tabs, Cheriee’s stories,
Irene’s and Diane’s ekphrastic responses:
two for breakfast, the rest mid-morning,
others throughout the day,
(Margaret, Carol, Mary Lee, and on).
The week whips by - 
readers on Monday, Jama on Tuesday,
Alyson on Wednesday,
Poetry Friday!
Life’s blurry between words.
Grand-girls two days, bookstore two days,
settle into other chores:
dust, vacuum, read (review), 
phone calls? neighbor visits?
Scraps saved for the compost pile,
porch swept, groceries. . .
No time to be down in the dumps.
I was a teacher once, I know the drill.
 I taught poetry, too. I’m grateful my advice
to students helped me every day. 
to paper, 

Linda Baie ©


  1. A lovely way to end the month!

    1. Thanks, and I've loved your words all about dogs, Carol.

  2. So wonderful!! Love this poetry month recap. That's quite a routine; lovely to have creative time woven right into your daily life.

    1. I wonder what will happen tomorrow? Ha! I imagine I'll find something to fill the time! Thanks, Jama.

  3. How lovely this is Linda! We made it! My poem for today was not nearly so all encompassing as yours, but I am thankful for the month to be done. I do plan to continue with you all on Friday in order to get drafts of my story out.

    1. I've been at the bookstore part of today, will be over to read your final one now! Thanks, Cheriee! It's been fun to write all month.

  4. A perfect summary! I have enjoyed your posts, Linda.

    1. Thanks for coming by so often, Jane. I appreciate it, and love that you liked today's!

  5. I love this poem full of all that this poetry month means to us. Pencil to paper! I thought I would take a break in May. You?

    1. Thanks, Margaret, yes, I am not posting every day. I need a break! And May for you as a teacher is so, so busy, I know. Thanks!

  6. What a delight to read of your wordy routine in April. I'm hoping to try a poem a day in 2020! Just writing that date makes me realize how quickly time passes. I've loved stopping by so many friends' posts throughout the month. I'm putting your words into my notebook:
    " Pencil
    to paper,

    1. I'm glad to be a little less busy, but things keep cropping up to do! Glad you like my advice!


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