Monday, July 22, 2019

It's A Giveaway - It's All About The Money!

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            A long time ago when I was a little girl, grandparents and other family gave me two-dollar bills for different occasions. I had a special box that held them. One day, my grandpa was on his way to the bank and asked if I wanted to put the money in the bank, explained that it might be safer there. I didn't ask questions, just thought it was exciting to do that important thing. Well, it was only later when I wanted to buy something, we went to get some money. They gave me dollar bills. Where oh where were my two-dollar bills? That's when I discovered how banks and money (saved or spent) worked. 
            It would have been wonderful to have read Okeoma Moronu Schreiner's book, The Missing Money when I was little. Things have changed since then, certainly. There are different things to learn, to figure out! Okeoma says after having children: "Basically, I wanted to create a book that would help children understand the concept of money in a way that reflected the world in which they would be growing up." This time, there is a monster ATM who ate this young child's money. Before we know it, motivated he is. He devises a plan to find that monster and get his money back! As he tells Mom and Dad, he sees they aren't very concerned. It is then they realized that Kai needs to understand a few things.
With colorful, cartoon-themed and kid-friendly illustrations, Sandhya Prabhat enhances Okeoma's story that introduces a diverse family. Both words and pictures help tell Kai, and readers, about ATM machines, how they work, how they are emptied by "super-duper secure" armoured trucks that take the money to the bank. He learns about earning interest and the app that can be checked to see how much his money is growing. Whew! Kai feels lots better about his money!
To help parents and teachers use this book with children, there is an illustrated glossary and a page titled "Conversation Starters". Or, children who can already read can answer the questions in those "Starters" themselves and ask more questions if needed.

Thanks to Okeoma and FinKidLit books for the advanced copy. You can find FinKidLit here on Instagram. Okeoma plans two more books in this new series that will add to financial knowledge for younger kids.

Here's one peek inside at this helpful and fun book.

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  1. I used to love saving money as a kid. Thanks for sharing this book.

    1. You're welcome, Earl. I'm glad to hear that!


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