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Celebrate #NF10for10

Welcome to my post for the annual #NF10for10 2020. Add your link here with Cathy Mere, at her blog Reflect and Refine. Mandy Robek also hosts with Cathy at Enjoy and Embrace Learning Julie Balen at Connecting to Learn is also part of this fabulous book-sharing! Thank you, Mandy, Cathy and Julie! This is year number eight for this special gathering. 
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               Like last year, I'm linking each to my Goodreads review, so if you want to know details, you can take a look. You may know most, but I hope you'll find at least one or two that becomes a "must read"! I have a varied list this year, about people and places, seasons, animals and words. Some are prose, some are poetry, but we learn from each one! It seems this non-fiction picture book world we live in has exploded in recent years. I am grateful, but also sad to limit the books to only a few. I also read books I loved about the first dinosaur, secret soldiers and women's suffrage. Perhaps I'll find them on your lists!

           A Place to Land - Wittenstein and Pinkney     - If you want to visit Dr. King again, this time the night before his "I Have A Dream" speech, and the magic that happened during the speech, this is the book. It makes me wish I had had the joy of being there, too.

        The Women Who Caught The Babies - Greenfield and Minter     - I am grateful for those authors and illustrators who bring stories from the past we never knew. This is a beautiful tribute to those women "who caught the babies".

        Snow Leopard - Anderson and Benson   Here the mysterious snow leopard is brought to us in its elusive beauty, a creature we need to protect.

       Two Brothers, Four Hands - Greenberg, Jordan and Hooper    Again, I love reading about people who accomplish so much, those I had not met before.

          Walk This Underground World - Baker and Brewster     This is a pleasure of an interactive book that shares so much along with sparking an interest in doing further research in those who have dwelt or still live hidden, underground.

            The Grand Mosque of Paris - Ruelle and DeSaix  An older story I'd never read, a discovery I was happy to learn about. People do courageous acts when they see a need, no matter the danger. Here is one story you need to know.

          Follow Chester! - Respress-Churchhill and Freedom      I could say the same thing about Chester and his team that I wrote in the book above. No matter the cost, sticking together and doing what's needed to fight injustice is a heroic act.

                Manhattan - Thermes     Ah, the history waits from the earliest inhabitants to skyscraping living today. Those who live there and those in awe of NYC will be amazed at Manhattan's journey.

             Snack, Snooze, Skedaddle - Salas and Gévry    A poetic romp with animals and their winter habits makes this a terrific book to learn about winter.
                Laura also has another NF book coming soon, Secrets of The Loon. Also, she is author of a second book this past year, Lion of the Sky (about seasons). All non-fiction!

                                               These next two arrived just this month! 

              On A Snow-Melting Day - Silverman  Just published, just perfect for wintertime preparing to find spring. Pair with the book above!

       I'm adding a bonus because while I've read this, I have not reviewed it yet, and I want everyone to know about it. It's a don't-miss, poetic dictionary, full of resources like special words, poems and what kind, inspiring quotes, challenges for each letter, all filled even more by fabulous illustrations!

           Dictionary for A Better World - Latham, Waters, and Amini



  1. Thanks for including Snow-Melting Day in your list, and for giving new titles to add to the ever-growing TBR list!

    1. It does just keep growing, doesn't it? We are lucky, but also overwhelmed! You're welcome, Buffy. I do love your book!

  2. Thank you for joining the conversation again this year, Linda. I always look forward to your recommendations. This year almost all of your books are new to me so I am off to my library app to reserve some titles. Thank you!

    1. It's a wonderful thing to share with everyone, Cathy. I'm grateful for you all for doing this. I'll try to get to everyone eventually! Don't want to miss some good books!

  3. Love your list and did add a few to my list that are new to me! I LOVE Dictionary for a Better World - one of my go-to books in the past two months. I had an advance copy - so much to love about this book.

    1. Happy to hear that you love Dictionary for A Better World, too, hoping many, many will learn about it & enjoy it with their students &/or family. Thanks, Clare!

  4. I thought I was pretty up-to-date after reading so many books during the CYBILS, but six of these ten are new to me. DPL here I come! Thanks for such a great list! And I MUST get DICTIONARY for a better world, really soon!

    1. Wow, but really, there are so, so many, Carol! It's hard to keep up. Thanks for coming by!


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