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Monday Reading - More Books Loved

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           How much can I tell of a book that ends a series, is an advanced copy, won't be there until May? Like the first two, there is plenty to love about the growth and strength of Anaya, Petra, and Seth and Oppel's ability to create complexity in both old and new characters immediately. You will enjoy those new characters and the return of others. The edginess of nearly every scene, like in the first two books, will keep you nervous, wanting to read on, yet worried about what that might mean. You might need to walk around a little bit before you read on! I enjoyed it very much, am sad to see The Overthrow end. Thanks to NetGalley for this ARC.

           I just got this book from my library, then discovered that Kate Messner is reading it aloud here on YouTube! Enjoy! 
            Mama Sloth is so sweetly patient, offering small bits of advice to dear Sloth as they move slowly (and quietly) to bedtime. Listening to trees go "Shush - rush, Shush - rush" helps, but wrapping up worries and sending them away makes a very sleepy Sloth. Valentina Toro's fully illustrated "night-time" pages also help create a relaxed and soothing atmosphere. I love this Mama and her child at bedtime.


          And, after many holds, I finally have Carole Lindstrom's Caldecott-winning We Are Water Protectors. And I found Carole reading this aloud here! The sadness of the text, but the call for all of us to become Water Protectors is strong, and with the extraordinary beauty of Michaela Goade's illustrations, it's easy to see why it earned the highest honor of a Caldecott. There is added information about the background of water protectors, a glossary, and an illustrator's note at the back. Both these notes from the creators will add to the story, will invite your return to the book to understand more from Lindstrom's words and Goade's art.

            Simran Jeet Singh writes that this now-famous man didn't walk until he was five. He didn't get to go to school because his legs were too weak to walk the many miles to get there, so he taught himself to farm. He married and had children, who grew up and, at least some, moved to England. At 81, he left his home country and moved to be with them, but was sad and lonely, until he saw people running on television, and they were happy, smiling people! Thus begins this amazing and inspirational story of Fauja Singh, a true one of the oldest person ever to run a marathon. Illustrations by Baljinder Kaur center on this man, first as a child longing to run and play, then as a weak child, teased because of skinny legs. The background of his life feels so bright and happy, no matter the challenges. Ideas and beliefs of the Sikh religion, which Fauja Singh is, are incorporated into the story. His beliefs make a continuing thread throughout the story: "You know yourselves and what you're capable of. Today is a chance to do your best." He is still living at 108! There is a forward letter from him and added information at the back with a list of all his world records. What a special book this would be to read to children to both support and inspire them to follow Singh's words: "believe in yourself", "never give up", "always hold onto hope". 

         I now know why I had to wait so long to get this from the library. It's a special story of someone new and different showing up and being questioned, someone with a mysterious suitcase that couldn't possibly hold all that he said it held. There is a problem that caused sadness, even shame but it was fixed, thank goodness, with extra thoughtfulness. You truly need to see this one and then share it widely! With the simplest of words, Naylor-Ballesteros creates illustrations that do most of the talking as pages turn and curiosity grows and grows. 

What's Next: Beginning Gary Schmidt's Just Like That!


  1. Sloth Wasn't Sleepy sounds cute. I love sharing stories with kids like Fauja Singh's. Inspiring.

  2. I enjoyed the Fauja Singh book, and am looking forward to Thrive. I have a LOT of April pubs to get through before then, though! The Overthrow was the best new dystopian series we've had in a while.

  3. I haven't read any of The Overthrow books, but now I must! Have a great reading week!

  4. I had a bit of a temper tantrum after reading your words about Thrive. I really hate to wait. The video of Sloth Wasn't Sleepy is delightful. I'm still waiting for We Are Water Protectors.
    Thanks for the introduction to Fauja Singh. My library has it so I've added it to my for later list.

  5. Thrilled to hear you enjoyed Thrive. This has been a a really good series and I'm looking forward to getting started on an ARC of it soon. The Suitcase looks fantastic! Seeing more children's books on tolerance has been good for my heart! I'm adding this one to my list (and I'm sad that I cannot find a local copy just yet). While we've had an odd year of being trapped at home and less opportunities to be around others, I've sure been glad to see all the authors doing virtual read-alouds. Thank you for linking to these, today. I'd come across Carole Lindstrom's, but not Kate Messner's reading of Sloth Wasn't Sleeping. I have very mixed feelings over non-authors or non-publishers hosting read aloud Youtube channels since they read more than 10% and do not usually request permission. It's one thing for my public library to do it for our community and for it not to remain online permanently, but that's not what I'm seeing. Thanks for the shares and I hope you have a wonderful week, Linda!

  6. I'm excited for Thrive. I hate starting a series if the end is still a long ways away.

  7. Thrive sounds like a great end to the Overthrow series—I haven't read any of the series, but it feels like the series has come out so fast! We Are Water Protectors sounds deserving of the Caldecott. Fauja Singh Keeps Going and The Suitcase both sound excellent as well! Thanks for the great review!

  8. I'm so glad you shared Kate's reading of Sloth Wasn't Sleepy. It's so adorable. ;)I put The Suitcase on hold. Water Protectors is so wonderful. I read it with second grade before the awards were announced. Have a great week.

  9. Thank you to everyone, happy that you found a book or two you might read or shared with me how much you enjoyed one of them, too. I've been busy both yesterday & today, barely found time to read some of the posts.


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