Thursday, May 20, 2021

Poetry Friday - Celebrating #MarvelousMaryLee

 Thanks to Christie Wyman, hosting this Poetry Friday, at her blog, Wondering and Wandering

        And, it's Christie's birthday, time for celebrating. Happy Birthday!


AND - It's an especially huge celebration for Mary Lee Hahn's retirement! After thirty-seven years, Mary Lee is leaving the classroom, ready for her next adventure(s)! #PoemsforMaryLee   #MarvelousMaryLee

          Here's my poem of celebration for your retirement and gratitude for the teacher that is you, Mary Lee.


for Mrs. Hahn, My Teacher


From the flower to the gardener

(this student to my teacher),

thanks for caring that I flourish,

for knowledge I will cherish,

I’m grateful for the way you helped me grow.


I’ll try that thing called “listen”

before I rush to judgment.

I’ve learned that words do matter;

they’re rarely mindless chatter.

That is a thing that I’ll be sure to show.


When you venture from our classroom,

your presence leaving imprints,

the kindnesses will linger in the air.

Parts of you will always remain there.

You’ve taken care of much I need to know.


Linda Baie ©


Grunge Stock photos by Vecteezy


  1. Aww, I love the poem and its chalkboard presentation, Linda! I wonder who I'd be if I'd had Mary Lee as a teacher when I was a child. I always think: what lucky students!! xo

  2. Linda, such a lovely perspective in your poem. Like Irene said, to be a student in her classroom would be really special! Nice tribute poem!

  3. Lovely poem, Linda. Love the POV and the chalkboard!!

  4. Ooh, I love the way you put this on a chalkboard -- and I love the metaphor of flower and gardener. So, so lovely.

  5. This poem is the perfect tribute to Mary Lee, Linda. "The kindnesses will linger in the air" of this poem. :)

  6. This is so lovely, Linda. And there were times the cadence (or was it the reflection?) sparked the echo of lines from 'Clancy of the Overflow' - an iconic Aussie bush ballad. Either way, the two played tag through my mind as I was reading.

  7. Such a great tribute! And, how perfect that it's on a chalkboard. Remember using chalkboards? I do. I loved writing on the board. lol. I'll try that thing called 'listen' is so spot on for the voice of a student. Wonderful. I'm having such a great time at this party today.

  8. Thanks everyone! It's been a long day with lots mixed in like work at the bookstore, too! I've sneaked peeks at people's posts whenever I could and they are wonderful! More tomorrow!

  9. Lovely rhythm Linda, and I also like the POV "From the flower to the gardener," and "your presence leaving imprints," nice wordplay. You also weaved in many of her interests and callings–social justice, thanks!

  10. Ah, teacher as gardener — love this so much! You've nailed it.
    And pass the cake! :)

  11. Thanks, Michelle and Karen, it was a pleasure to write for Mary Lee, just as each of us did this PF. What fun it was!

  12. Great poem! I love "thanks for caring that I flourish."

  13. Your poem is a beautiful tribute! Thanks for sharing it.

  14. Once again, Linda, I read your post yesterday and must have fallen asleep over it so I am back to commenting. I found your poem for Mary Lee touching. "You’ve taken care of much I need to know." This line is a keeper for any teacher but special for our Marvelous Mary Lee.

  15. Beautiful, Linda! I have no doubt this is the imprint Mary Lee has left on many a student's (and appreciative parent's) heart. I still feel grateful for the lingering impression left by some of my children's special elementary school teachers.

  16. Thanks again to Ruth, Rose, Carol, & Michelle. It was a marvelous time reading everyone's posts!

  17. Linda, thank you for this BEAUTIFUL poem! You captured all of my biggest hopes for my teaching in this child's voice. I notice there's nothing in there about grades or test scores -- only the truly important life skills.


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