Thursday, September 9, 2021

#Poetry Friday - Another Pocket Post

         Thanks to Tricia Stohr Hunt who hosts this Poetry Friday, at her blog, The Miss Rumphius Effect here. Today she's sharing a poignant poem by Barbara Crooker. 

          Two weeks ago I shared a poem written for a #Poetry Peeps challenge to write "What A _______ Knows." I wrote about a pocket, connecting to "Poetry In Your Pocket" day. You can read it here. Then, loving the serendipity, this book below became available from my library. It's a terrific rhyming story by Chris Tougas about a girl who had a poem in her pocket. Alas, the pocket got a rip and, as she tells: "Rhymes tumbled down my leg/and trickled from my hip."

        I'm guessing you might imagine where this is going, and it does follow that poetic word path delightfully. With creative illustrations by Josée Bisaillon that show the wind flinging words all over the place, readers will want to commiserate with that girl who's lost the "poem" in her pocket. Like dandelion seeds, they blow, so very much that even the letters are mixed on one page. There is "culod", "seewp", and "urellmba". Oh my! 
       In a clever, puntastic way, Chris, with Josée's artistic neighborhood scenes, manages to add in a few more extras. A Diner becomes "Diner-mite!"; and a chicken in the yard turns into "poultry in motion". On a second page, a drink stand sells "Lemon Squeeze" and words blow in to create "Squeeze the Day". You'll need to find the book to read what happens when a thunderstorm rolls in. Nature helps! 
      At the very end, Chris Tougas adds a page of special words to search for in the story and a small piece about "Poem in My Pocket Day."

      On this day before the anniversary of a day like few others in US history, I wondered what I would carry in my pocket to remember. Here is one small poem to honor those lost that day and also in the years since because of their heroic rescue work that day.         

Remembering 9/11

For all the years you’ve missed,

I carry words in my pocket–


Sometimes they are enough.

Other times, 

the entire dictionary

will not suffice.

                     Linda Baie ©


  1. What a perfect post. The book is one I need for my students (OK, and for me). And, 'Remembering 9/11' is powerful. Thank you.

  2. This books sounds fantabulous. I want it already!
    Your brevity in words is perfection.🧡

  3. The book sounds delightful!

    And your 9/11 poem is perfect. All the things I never know how to say about that day. Thank you for sharing it with us today.

  4. Oh, Linda, "Other times, the entire dictionary will not suffice" indeed. Wow. That is a powerful poem in such a few lines. Thank you for sharing the fun book review as well as this poem by you for our pockets this weekend.

  5. Yes, grief, honor and love. I feel that too when I think of 9/11 and horror as well. Such a terribly sad remembrance that changed us all forever.

  6. Such a poignant poem, Linda. Hard to believe it's been 20 years. Yes, the entire dictionary can't describe how traumatized we all still are.

    Thanks for spotlighting Chris and Josee's book. MUST find a copy. Sounds fantastic.

  7. Lovely poem, Linda! Thank you for the book recommendation, too. I've added it to my list.

  8. I love this combination of book review and pocket-sized poem. That line about the whole dictionary says it all. Such a heavy day to carry. Thanks for making it a little lighter.

  9. Thank you for the new book suggestion, And your poem is spot on for tomorrow.

  10. I am going to seek out Tougas' book, Linda, because as you know, I am all about the 'puntastic'.
    And your 9/11 poem, yes...thank you.

  11. Linda, your piece reminded me that you gave me a pocket years ago for poems. It is hidden somewhere in my unopened boxes waiting to be found. I loved what you presented today and then words spilled out to have a 9/11 commentary poem. The words you chose help me remember so many details from the 2001 Tuesday to Sunday time of sadness. Your last two lines says it all.

  12. Poem in My Pocket sounds wonderful. Thank you for introducing it to me! Your 9/11 poem is full of truth. "LOVE, HONOR, GRIEF." We will always carry these words in our hearts.

  13. So good. Your poem is the perfect one to carry in the pocket on 9/11.

  14. Oh, what a gorgeous poem Linda, so compact and full of heart!
    "the entire dictionary
    will not suffice."
    And thanks for sharing this lovely new to me book, "Poem in My Pocket," it sounds enchanting, and I love the mixed up words! :)

  15. Thank you everyone for coming by. It was a busy weekend, full of watching the special programs about 9/11, and remembering. Wishing you all a good week ahead!

  16. Oh, Linda, what a perfectly fitting poem you composed in commemoration. And thank you for the brief peek at Poem in My Pocket. It looks lovely!


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