Monday, March 21, 2022

The Friendly Mouse - Sharing a Debut Plus A Giveaway

       Midst all the pain in these recent weeks, those of us who are not near the war can only watch and hope and do what is possible to help. One thing possible is really not a new idea but it feels like a boost of kindness is again needed. Sophia R. Tyler has written and illustrated such a book and The Friendly Mouse is a debut! 

The Friendly Mouse lives in a lovely place as you can see by the cover. He gets going every morning to work, a friendly small soul, happy in his home. However, there is a bit of trouble beneath that smile. He has a long, long walk to work which makes him tired, often desperate for help. Some days, he sees a seagull flying high above, yearns for a "lift" that would be so much nicer than his lo-0-ong walk. He calls out to ask for a ride but Seagull says he's too heavy, NO WAY can it happen!

The story takes place mostly at Mouse's work, where when a tiny bit late, the boss, Mr. Roo, yells at him. On other days, Seagull continues to refuse a ride. Mouse can barely work, he is so, so tired. 

One day, Mouse notices Mr. Roo speaking of the stress of his paperwork. Even Mouse, tired that he is, feels bad for Mr. Roo. And the rest of this story will make readers smile. Doing kindnesses does not mean one should be rewarded yet there are moments when good things happen, for everyone! Some acts take courage, something Mouse's actions show. He takes a risk knowing it could mean he loses his job. Nevertheless, he chooses to help. 

I love the book's cover 'spread' showing this wonderful neighborhood. Colorful illustrations make a joyful book amid the troubles. 

Here's a picture and a bio of Sophia R. Tyler!

        Sophia R. Tyler has been dedicated to helping those less fortunate for as long as she, and her family can remember. Her favorite books growing up included The Berenstain BearsThe Crippled Lamb, and Franklin, all of which instilled in her a passion for supporting under-served communities. Her genuine love for children and their development, growth, and learning inspired her to write The Friendly Mouse. She hopes to reintroduce the timeless message of the Golden Rule to young children, particularly those who have been impacted by the COVID- 19 pandemic.

Currently a senior at Hope College, Sophia will begin the Master of Social Work program at the University of Denver in Fall 2023. Throughout high school and college, Sophia tutored elementary school students and interned for Ready for Life and Benjamin’s Hope, nonprofit organizations which foster inclusive communities and provide creative and engaging opportunities for children and adults with disabilities. She led creative art classes with Benjamin’s Hope, combining her creative side with her social work. Sophia loves to paint and has an Instagram account dedicated to posting her art.


      If you would like a copy of this book, leave a comment with an email where I can reach you. In that comment, share an act of kindness you have either done or someone has done for you. I will announce the winner next week on my Monday post! 

      Wishing you a week of goodness coming for you and yours. Thanks for coming by and thanks to Erin at PR by the Book for inviting me to share this special book and to Tiger Lily Publishing for the copies.

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