Monday, May 2, 2022

Monday Reading - More Great Books

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      If you have a list of "Must-Reads" from this year's books, place this one on it.  There are only twelve kids in seventh grade in this small town and each one calls it "Yawn Creek". Nothing new happens, ever, until. . . a new girl arrives. If you know and can guess how middle-school students think and hide true feelings; become cruel to others, or don't, and find real ways to make change, sometimes, you know that Erin Entrada Kelly understands these kids. She shows sympathy for them, even one that remains cruel from a best friend's pressure. Perhaps there will be change and maybe it's because that new girl, Orchid, made a difference? It's quite a story, perhaps a microcosm of our culture itself, and hopefully, we readers will see more of those seventh graders as they grow older. However it ends, I loved the story from a dot of a town on a map, not so yawn-filled as they thought.

       I've never seen a pick-up game, three-on-three, whatever it's called, yet now I think I know more than I did before I read Charly Palmer's book, an ode to those legends that he and many others knew. They were those that rarely, if ever, made it to the NBA or other BIG games, but they were stars. Be sure to get this book, to read and love the names and the energy Palmer has so lovingly put into his swirling, whirling, dribbling, dunking paintings. Meet Gravity, Sky High, Liquid, and Left 2 Right and how they went about their business of winning. I imagine there are many young players out there that will love it and many old players who will remember all that is told! I'm happy I had the fun watching, even in a picture book! It's great!

          It is a special book about  Yo-Yo Ma, one that could introduce him to young readers who may not know him or know his inspiring story. It's rather like a love story to his life, all that he was as a young child prodigy, all that he has done for people all over the world. I didn't know his cello was named Petunia and that its parts, too, come from diverse places in our world. It feels as if it's fitting that he would have such an instrument. Extra information includes the history, and late discovery, of the Bach Cello Suites. Teresa Martinez illustrates with happy colors and diverse people from everywhere, all delighted to listen to Yo-Yo Ma playing Petunia! There is some added information at the back! 

          I am guessing you know the books by the Pumphrey Brothers? And you know they are "must-see" books! Here, in the bayou, all you need to know is that there is a tail! And what happens after that becomes both predictable and not, as this "tale" goes. It's about making assumptions and the rewards that occasionally happen when thinking first! It's great fun, except for some characters in the book!

      Here's a beautiful and personal book to read with a loved one or to read to a class to talk about the wonderful things, or "nothings" they do with parents, grandparents, other special adults in their lives. In Julia Kuo's debut book which she's both written and illustrated, she shows a mother and child reaching great heights and depths, UP mountains and DEEP into the ocean, but doing nothing is also grand, as long as they're together. Her illustrations which she writes are done digitally are gorgeous, full-page scenes, including snowy mountains, clouds that feature interesting creatures, a living area with a lazy mom, child, and dog with snacks, all terrific! What fun it is to read and enjoy!

for adults, perhaps older YA
        Inspired by the real-life Chicago heiress Mary Jayne Gold, who worked with American journalist Varian Fry to smuggle artists and intellectuals out of France, it's a harrowing story told about only a few months in late 1940, after the German occupation of France, of courage in the face of terror and a love story. Even in unoccupied France, there was little safety. This main character did all she could to help even though she was a rich American and could return home to safety at any time. Her story, along with her friends who helped any way they could, includes a man with his daughter whose safety led to a most dangerous mission. It's one other story of those who continued to help people no matter the danger.

Next: I have a copy of Jo Knowles new book, Meant to Be, for young middle-graders. It's started well!


  1. Those Kids From Fawn Creek is on my Must Read in 2022 list so I really need to get to reading it. It sounds really good!

    1. As you probably saw, I loved it, Lisa. Hope you do, too! Thanks!

  2. You have done a great sell on Those Kids From Fawn Creek. Some of what you wrote makes me think of My Own Lightning, which I finished tonight. Particularly the part about showing sympathy for those that have been cruel. Maybe that is something we are going to look at more as a society.

  3. Can't wait to read Somewhere in the Bayou. I love their books.

  4. Thanks, Aaron & Earl. Both books are so good!


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