Thursday, August 25, 2022

Poetry Friday - Bye Bye Summer


  Poetry Friday is with Tanita Davis, hosting with her #PoetryPals end-of-month challenge! You can find her HERE at {fiction, instead of lies}.  Thanks for hosting, Tanita.  

        I love the carefree days of summer. Yet, we have had HOT for days and days, and more days. I am ready for a drop in the temperature. No, I won't welcome big snows but will be happier when it drops just a bit! It is a few weeks until official autumn!

 summer in my garden

                  Summer Blues


When out in the heat, with humidity high,

The sky’s blue and cloudless. It’s pretty but sigh . . .

I’m lethargic and listless, no get up and go.

My oomph’s disappeared; it’s why I’m so slow.


I’m waiting for "cooler", for a fair autumn day

when walking outside doesn’t fade me away.

My zest, zip, and vigor will rebound full force.

They’ll say there’s the oomph girl, and I’ll say "of course"! 


Linda Baie © All Rights Reserved


  1. Same! I have wilted on my walks lately. Love the poem.

  2. Yes! I'm a fall girl. Summer is way too hot a season (why we left Florida 30+ years ago!). Hoping for cooler days for you soon!

  3. I am joining you in the wilting. No matter how big the hat I put on, the sun still finds me, and I feel ironed flat by the time I get home. And what is this humidity!? California has no idea what to do with it; everyone always said it was meant to be a "dry" heat... this changing climate keeps us on our toes for sure.

  4. What a fun poem Linda, love this ending line, "They’ll say there’s the oomph girl, and I’ll say "of course"! " I'm hoping that some cooler air drifts your way soon, thanks!

  5. "when walking outside doesn’t fade me away" Ugh! I can't stand that feeling. Wishing you cooler days ahead, but celebrating the poem you pulled out of your discomfort!

  6. OMG... is that squirrel LOUNGING on your fence? - lol!!! And is your poem written in 1st-squirrel POV? Perfect!

  7. I love this poem, Linda. I can definitely related to having "no get up and go" on hot, muggy days. Wishing you cooler breezes soon!

  8. High humidity drains the oomph out of me, too! I'm usually out the door for my walk by 7:00. That's usually early enough to miss the worst of the humidity. Hoping cooler days arrive in Denver soon!

  9. of, COURSE! Wonderful whimsical rhyme..and true to boot.

  10. I just learned the term for squirrels who are lying flat to cool off -- they are SPLOOTING! Here's to cooler days with less hoomidity that don't require splooting and which return your oomph! (PS -- LOVE your new header picture!)

  11. Thanks, everyone. It's still predicted hot this week but I know change surely will come with September! What a wonderful word, Mary Lee. Yes, that squirrel was definitely "splooting". He stayed there a long time, hence my picture!

  12. That squirrel is smart. He is running in the shade. The heat is on again here. I taught my little Sierra and Aurora a new word, muggy. Sierra wanted to know what it meant and Aurora liked the sound of the word and kept repeating it. Lethargic and listless are great words, too. I want my oompf as well as you. Your poem started my day off with a smile.

  13. Me too! Autumn (and spring) weather are where it's at. Here's to the "oomph" coming back!


  14. Love this, and I'm with you! Your poem also makes me think of some lines from Gatsby that I share every fall:

    "What'll we do with ourselves this afternoon?" cried Daisy, "and the day after that, and the next thirty years?"

    "Don't be morbid," Jordan said. "Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall."


  15. Love this fun poem! Resonates with me, with the heat spell we've been having.


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