Thursday, October 13, 2022

Poetry Friday - More Love for Fall

         Poetry Friday is with Matt Forrest Esenwine, HERE at his website, Radio, Rhythm & Rhyme with some "preview" words of his new picture book, How to Be A Human.  Thanks for hosting, Matt!

        Over the years, I have shared poems I've written or those by others about fall. It's my favorite season, one that holds delightful things for us when we go out into nature every single day. Here's a poem I wrote a while ago, still true, still my celebration. The prompt was "forgotten"

a view out my front window

forgotten in July
tree blaze
leaf crunch
coat days
soup lunch
bird trek
bloom wilt
squash check
warm quilt
doors closed
brown lawn
cold nose
socks on
breath steam
snow shine
beach dream
cold –
     Linda Baie © 


  1. Great job with the prompt, Linda! So much sensory, visual stuff here - I feel like I'm outside in back of our property.

  2. LOVE your poem. Wonderful images and sensory detail (yay for soup lunch!). :) ~ Jama

  3. Wonderful! Yes, I love every skinny line! Thanks for this. Fall is absolutely the best!

  4. Thank you, Matt, Jama, & Karen. It is another gorgeous fall day today. The tree colors simply glow!

  5. You’ve covered all the bases here and I enjoyed reading it out loud. Cold really is fine after a hot summer. Fall is my favorite month! Stay cozy in Colorado!

  6. I love this, Linda! Fall is not my favorite season, but this year, I keep noticing how gorgeous it is. Thanks for reminding me of the other positives.

  7. Linda, I don't think I read this poem before. It is such a beautiful terse way to remember fall. Beach dream is so true. I am glad that you included it. Happy Fall!

  8. Thanks, Janice, JoAnn, & Carol, so happy you enjoyed my fall scene! Happy Fall & weekend to you!

  9. I love this and found myself reading it aloud to myself (actually, also to George, who is under my desk in his favourite spot). Thank you.

  10. Perfection, Linda! I also love fall and have been enjoying these "coat days" and "soup lunch[es]"!

  11. So fun to read aloud...the rhythm is great! And, it's all so true!

  12. This is such a fun companion to the Barbara Crooker poem Karen E. shared! Crooker used lots of words. You picked such perfect pairs!! Well played!

  13. I love how your prompt became your title and how your title "winks" at the reader

  14. Ah what a fun "forgotten" poem, love the pace and rhythm, and I read it out-loud too! I have some zucchini squash I keep checking on, hopefully it'll get a bit bigger, thanks Linda, enjoy the colors!

  15. Thanks to all. My only update is that our days keep getting prettier!

  16. Yes, July erases all that easily...until the middle of August, when we begin to long for a change! I especially liked "cold nose/socks on". I can see a few companion poems working well here, Linda. Also, I thought of you a lot looking at the photos of Sanibel Island...isn't that your family's special place?

    1. Thanks, Heidi. Yes, Sanibel and Captiva Island were our summer family places for about eight years. The last time was in 2020. It is heartbreaking to see the destruction of some of the favorite places.

  17. What a beautiful view you have. The poem is perfect for it. I love the leaves crunching and the quilt.

  18. Oh, Linda, I adore this! The bouncy rhythm is delightful and the whole thing is just so ... true. 😍

  19. Thanks, Jone and Karen. I see pics from people everywhere and they are all from our wonderful fall!


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