Thursday, May 18, 2023

It's Poetry Friday, And "Spring-ish"

             It's Poetry Friday! Thanks, Janice Scully at Salt City Verse here, for hosting, where she's sharing a post titled "Clouds, Rain, and Thunder". We may have been having similar thoughts!

          In most of May, our weather, and over the continent, has been what might be called very moody. It is not gradually moved into spring, but dipping up and down, near 80 Wednesday, then dipping down to low forties overnight. Last week we had a freeze warning and there is one for last night in the northeast as the northwest is breaking records with high temperatures.

Instead of 'fire and ice', it's 'flowers and ice'!




My fire’s lit this frosty night;

it wasn’t planned for May.

Jack didn’t check the calendar;

he’s been at work all day.


There he sneaks behind a tree

to find a place to sleep,

no fall leaves to snug himself,

just seedlings take a peek.


Giving plants a frosty tip;

I spied him launch a chill.

The radiators whistle tunes–

worlds divided by a windowsill.


                             Linda Baie ©



  1. What a great image of Jack Frost not having checked the calendar! It made me shout “Ha!” and wake the dog.
    Spring has been missing in Europe too. I can’t remember the last time I saw the sun, and I feel I may be growing webbed toes…

  2. Jack Frost is playing with weather this spring but Mother Nature is allowing him to do so. She does like to show both her beauty and power out here but our lawns are a beautiful shade of green. Even the rainy days multiply but I am enjoying the small moments that Nature provides. Your poem is full of fun with details and images that provide a laugh or two. I think the caption under your photo is just right! Have a wonderful week, Linda. At my blog, I am unveiling the Springsations Gallery. Thank you for offering an image poem for the padlet.

  3. Flowers and ice! You had me at the "Spring-ish" title. xo

  4. Love this poem,Linda, featuring that pesky Jack Frost. You might as well have some fun with him. Very nice rhyme!

  5. Absolutely delightful poem, Linda! And you are so right about the weird "spring" weather. I've turned our heat and AC on and off several times already, back and forth. Hope things settle down soon.

  6. Flowers and ice! The image is perfect for your poem.

  7. tee hee hee...Poor Jack. He must be as confused as all the people and flowers. I'm wishing you a steady week of balmy temperatures. When can you ever plant a garden? Too many freezee nights still!

  8. Spring-ish it certainly is. Love the image of "flowers and ice"

  9. I love this clever twist: "Jack didn’t check the calendar; / he’s been at work all day."

  10. Thank you everyone. As for today, looks like Jack has given up his work. It's warm and sunny!

  11. Yes, the weather has been wacky here, too. I love how you chalk up the confusion to Jack forgetting to check the calendar. I hope he's finally figured out that it's May. There are many "seedlings tak(ing) a peek" in my garden right now!

  12. Jama’s right your poem is truly delightful, love the lilting rhythm, Jack, and the w’s—reminds me of Whitman, thanks for the smiles! 🥰

  13. Thank you, Catherine and Michelle! Jack, at least, is now taking a break. It's sunny and in the seventies - a "summer's coming" gift!

  14. I can relate with our midwestern "Spring-ish" weather of late! Love the images you created here, Linda.

    1. Thanks, Karen, and now it's warming up - so far!


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