Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Our Little Place In The Woods

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

the meadow in front of the cabin, looking toward the creek

the cabin-entrances are at either end

     We have a small cabin in the Rocky Mountains.  We went there many times in the summer when our kids were little, and have memories of such fun times there with family and another family that went with us often.  The kids built (or tried to build) dams in the creek, we played softball in the meadow, and went bouldering at nearby rock formations.   We don't go as often anymore.  Life seems to get so busy, so my husband and I only go when we have a day or two, to clean a little bit, hike some of the trails around the cabin, and relax.  Yesterday was no different.  We raked needles from the cabin's perimeter because of fire danger, and swept the cabin of evidence of the mice who use it as their own home when we're not around.  One time we found the home of a packrat in the outhouse, who had filled much of it with his 'discoveries', but that's another story.  This time I walked around and about taking pictures of some of the wildflowers growing near.  They are so lovely, seem tough even with little moisture, offering up their blooms with pride.  Here are some of the pics, with one of the cabin and my husband waving hello and of our meadow.


Deb Day said...

What a beautiful place! You and your husband definitely need to make more time to be there. Looks like a great spot to write!

Donna Smith said...

I hope you have two nice chairs there! You are going to need a good place to sit while you write and he waits...or reads...or naps! Enjoy and take time.