Tuesday, June 7, 2011

On The Endings of The School Year

June 7, 2011

    I've written several times about saying the goodbyes at the end of the school year.  Last week was full of them, to Continuing students, to colleagues who are leaving for other challenges, to our head of school.  It was an emotionally exhausting week, but each moment needed, both for us left behind and for those moving on.  Time for summer break!

Now let me welcome summer with a sigh,
No more times to say goodbye,
just greetings to early chirps, with breezes soft,
the smell of cut grass, and birds aloft
looking for meals of worms and seeds,
while I sit still and fill my needs
of contemplation of this full school year.
I hold all that happened dear
yet now look toward the weeks of rest.
In catching up, I’ll do my best
I’ll read and think and mop and dust
and lunch with friends, but then I must
be sure to love my family
who are so very dear to me.
They’ve been supportive through the year
and now they need me to be near.
We’ll eat and laugh and play away the days
until the summer cartwheels away.
Then I’ll be ready for another year
of teaching and learning with good cheer. 


  1. What a beautiful poem...it summed up the relaxation of the break and the sadness of putting another year behind you. May your summer be restful and rejuvenating.

  2. Your poems are so true. I always enjoy them. My favorite lines: We’ll eat and laugh and play away the days until the summer cartwheels away. I love saying this and visualizing it.

  3. Reading, thinking, mopping (just a bit), dusting (not at all) and being with friends, alot! Don't want the cartwheeling to spin too fast!

  4. I enjoyed both your initial paragraph and the poem. I appreciated how you captured the moment of joy for summer, alongside the emotional aspect of shifts.

  5. As I am still in school (13 more days), I found your poem very inspiring and so true. Enjoy being with your family!


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