Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Favorite Relative - A Summer Gift

June 30, 2011

       I've been trying to remember events in summers while growing up because I just read some ideas that suggested writing about specific seasons in order to connect the moments more readily.  I'm also interested in prose poems, that directly hone in on one small topic.  Here is my prose poem about a favorite uncle:

                                                        Summer Gift

       When I was a young teen, my Uncle Caryl, whose family lived across the street from mine, took the time early in the morning before he went to work to play tennis with me.  It was a chance I would not miss.  I was quite willing to rise before the sun to beat the heat, grab toast and juice, and tiptoe out my door by five am.   The last year we played, my uncle’s own children, my cousins, were getting older and taking more of his time, so we played less frequently.  It made me sad to miss that time with him, but I too was growing up, and spending more time with friends.  I still remember the cool of the mornings, the drive to the courts with few on the streets, and the thwack of the ball against the rackets.  My uncle gave me a gift those years; I love him for it.

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  1. I wrote last night some notes on special memories of people, only I didn't think to link to a season. I'll try that tonight. I am trying to jot down more memories this summer. The more I write the more I remember..
    What a great memory of your uncle. Wouldn't it be a genealogical treat to find a memoir notebook of relatives?


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