Saturday, June 4, 2011

Summer Memories

          June 4, 2011

       Memories from accessing the senses appear so real sometimes.  I thought I'd like to explore how many of my memories are enhanced by the senses.  This first poem arrived from a summer afternoon treat at a grandparents' home where I visited each summer through most of my growing up years.  I drank a Pepsi and here came the words!

Pepsi Time

Let me by transformed,
if only for a while.
I drink my Pepsi and become
a little girl again.

On the farm
humidity surrounds me.
insects surround-
I escape upstairs
and read stories
from the “Post”,
that magazine of good fiction
I can’t find
Newsprint smells
keep me satisfied
For two weeks
I live my childish
nothing to harm me,
no worries around me.

They love me,
daughter of their
lost son.
And feed me biscuits
and stars
                 and Pepsi.

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  1. Beautiful! I absolutely love the last line...."And feed me biscuits and stars and Pepsi." So much said in that simple line!


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