Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Happy To Be Back

   As I watched some parts of writing workshop last week, I felt that writing was very much a delightful part of the students’ day.


                                 Comfortable sounds help us nestle
                                   into the classroom
                                   with contentment.
                                   Gray clouds hover outside,
                                   Small murmurings and
                                   brain clouds float inside.
                                   A chair scrapes.  Someone coughs.
                                   A student sighs; I wonder why. 
                                   They sit at computers,
                                   fingers tapping.
                                   Others journal,
                                   pencils scratching.
                                   Quiet friendly voices wing in from the hall
                                   “Hey, nice to see you, how are you all?”
                                   Time to move, and re-sharpen pencils. 
                                   Workshop gathering
                                   to the carpet,
                                   sharing words, sharing thoughts.
                                   Everyone is thinking hard
                                   even before lunch.


  1. You make me anxious to start school next week...lovely portrayal of writing in the classroom.

  2. As Wanda said, this makes me long for next week, when I will be once again in the company of budding young writers. I can't wait!

  3. Thank you for sharing your reflection.

  4. Love the last line:
    Everyone is thinking hard
    even before lunch.

    That's how you know you have a great WW running. Anything that can be sustained with an almost empty belly is incredible.

  5. Nice job capturing that writing workshop---it "sounds" like mine! Have a great year!

  6. You have used such great phrases (brain clouds and voices wing in) to build my mental image. Oh, the joy of this happening so early in the year. These kids have some great models.

  7. Wow, what a wonderful description of those beautiful moments when kids are deep in learning! Your classroom must be a warm and happy learning place!

  8. I love how you captured a slice of your writing workshop class! I had a good moment in writing workshop today when all the students were writing so focused and intently!

  9. I love the way you capture the moment in time. I can hear the chair scraping and whir of the pencil sharpener. Like Michelle you have a great knack for turning every day life into beautiful poetry. Have a wonderful school year.

  10. "comfortable sounds help us nestle" - That is what I hope for in this world of "school," to create a place where all the senses are nestling and the work happens.


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