Thursday, May 31, 2012

Chalk-A-Bration! Welcome summer!

           Betsy at Teaching Young Writers is holding a Chalk-A-Bration, poem on the sidewalks of the world!  Come celebrate with us with your own poem to welcome the end of May, and for many of us, time for a summer break.  I'm not quite finished yet, but soon!  Thanks for doing this Betsy, such a fun thing, although my fingers are a little sore.


  1. My mouths waters for summer as well! Nothing better than the smell of tomatoes growing, a handful of watermelon on a hot day and the smell of a neighborhood cooking on a sun down evening! I can't wait for the needed change of pace and appreciation for what's around me. Thanks for reminding me of that in this tasty poem!

  2. "With lemonade to drink" - I can't wait! Great poem Linda!

  3. This is just the right thing at the end of May, a summer poem on the sidewalk! Thank you all for visiting.

  4. I long for summer and you have captured the food to a T. Let's celebrate all the joys of summer with camping and corn and watermelon! 5.5 days cannot go by any faster.

    1. Thanks, Shawn. We have exactly 5.5 days left too. It'll be fun, but also time to stop!

  5. So nice! What a cute challenge! Summer!!!!! :) Sooo looking forward to a much-needed summer break. Would be traveling there in a week's time. :)

  6. I have missed out on some fun (reading, writing) lately. Now that report cards are done, I am ready for the summer (one more week of school to go.) I never thought of tomato as a summer word, but now I think it is a very good choice.


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