Monday, May 14, 2012

My 300th Post!

Please visit Ruth and Stacey at the Two Writing Teachers blog for the Tuesday Slice of Life!

It’s said that appreciation
can come in many forms:
It comes in hugs, in coffee mugs,
wrapped up in tightening arms.
Webster says it is an act
of giving thanks for all of that,
the selfless gift of personal care
that just doesn’t happen everywhere.

So I now send to everyone a cup, a cup of cheer
to give my thanks to all of you, because you are so dear.

Today is my 300th blog post!  I am indebted to many people who have helped keep me going, going, going and am so thankful for the support, inspiration, examples of excellent mentor texts time after time from you all.  You have given me much joy in my life in spite of the recent challenges, and I am appreciative.  

          My family:  all who read and sometimes comment, but always support me in my work and in my play.  My life wraps around you with love. 

          My colleague, Katie, at Prose Cents, who is taking a break because she’s writing a play & has invited me to co-author a new non-fiction idea!

From the first commenters on my very first post at the Two Writing Teachers Tuesday Slice of Life challenge in March of 2011, to new friends on Poetry Friday, reader friends on It’s Monday, What Are You Reading and now a new meme, Social Studies Wednesday, it’s been quite a wonderful ride.  I’ve having fun and hope you are too!  If I have left you out, I apologize.  These are the blogs that I remember touching my life and I hope I have touched you positively in some way, too.  If you want to enjoy some great writing, choose any of these below!!

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  1. Congratulations on your milestone...I've just started in March and hope to continue. Do the stories just keep coming? I hope nanc xo

    1. Yes, they do keep coming, & as you read others, you will find ideas to connect too. Thanks, Nanc.

  2. Way to go Linda! You have touched so many lives with the words you have left on each blog. I look for your response every week and I'm sure many others do too. I am thankful you began this journey and I get to keep following you. Congratulations!

  3. Yay, go you! And you got a RAOK shoutout too! *throws confetti*

  4. Congratulations and such a milestone deserves a special celebration. Football players get to run through a banner with a personal message on it - maybe yours could read '300 and just beginning!'

  5. Woo hoo and hooray, hooray! You make blogging such a rewarding experience, Linda, because you are so generous and genuine in your interest and appreciation in what other people have written and shared. I don't know how you do it, but you create such wonderful, insightful posts yourself, and then zoom about leaving rich and meaningful comments everywhere else, too. You are one special lady, and I look forward to Teacherdance every day!

  6. What a wonderful way to celebrate! It's certainly true that our readers support our writing....the extend of their power is still amazing to me!

  7. Linda, congratulations! 300 posts!! That's extraordinary. I have so enjoyed your writing. Thank you for the lovely list of posts you read - now I have a list at the ready for my own enlightenment. Here's to much more writing - soon, your 1000th!

  8. You are a ROCK STAR! I check my reader every day to see what you are writing about. Always a little tinge of sadness when you haven't written. You give me inspiration! Thanks for including me on your list! I haven't been writing much lately--desperately trying to finish the year on a high note! Here's to summer!

  9. Very very sweet Linda, thanks for the shout-out. Happy 300th post, I agree with Deb, you are indeed rockin' and rollin' Here's to the next 300 posts! :)

  10. WOO HOO! Way to go, Linda! 300 posts - what a momentous occasion! Congrats on reaching this. Can't wait to continue to follow your writing and thinking.

  11. Linda,

    You are wonderful! I have been missing our "virtual chats". I am looking forward to June. I will have more computer time for play!

  12. Wow, congratulations on your 300th blog~! I always appreciate your comments on my blog. Thank you for your continued support. The comments always fuel my writing!!! Thanks for including my blog link on your post as well~ :)
    --jee young

  13. Congratulations. 300 posts in just over a year. Wow. I love the list and am thankful for you. You are a cornerstone of so many communities in the blog world. Thanks for supporting and encouraging so many of us.

  14. Congratulations, Linda! I'm so glad you are enjoying yourself, and so glad to get to know you!

  15. Wow! 300 posts is just amazing! I appreciate making the list Linda. It means a lot to know that! I always enjoy reading your blog as well - you are often the first I check in on. :) Congrats!

  16. Congratulations, Linda. And I'm honored to have made your wonderful list. Some of these blogs are new to me, so I'll have to check them out.
    Keep on blogging!

  17. Hurray! Hurray! Hurray! You are inspirational. As a writer you have modeled writing posts and writing comments. As a person you radiate warmth and wisdom. I wish you lots of energy, ideas and plenty of time to keep writing.

  18. Congratulations! Love reading your thoughts! I'm tickled to be on your list! Thanks! Celebrate, have 300 M&M's today! I have some work to do before I can join your 300 club and have my M&M's...

  19. WOW! Go Linda! I am in agreement with all of the above - you are a constant inspiration. I love reading what you have to say and all the generous and thoughtful encouragement you dish out daily. I'm just tickled about the shout out - I can't wait to get started on the book idea!

  20. You certainly pay it forward over and over again Linda. I can say with certainty that your comments and encouragement have kept me going many a day and I can't wait to one day meet you and sip some coffee together. Congrats on your 300th post, what an amazing accomplishment.

  21. WOW, way to go Linda! I feel like it wasn't too long ago that I read about your 200th post -- can't believe you're already on 300! I always look forward to hearing from you, both in your blog posts and in your thoughtful, encouraging comments on mine! I don't know how you manage to write so much and read so many people's posts and still leave such wonderful, personal comments. I have really enjoyed getting to "know" you!

  22. Wow, you have a large support system of bloggers, that is amazing! CONGRATS on your 300th post!!!

  23. Thanks, Linda, for impacting so many with your words!

  24. Thank you all again today for your comments. It's a nice way to celebrate and now time for the next 100!

  25. Linda ~ I'm with so many others who are in awe of your energies...tell us, how DO you write, teach, and still have time to read other blogs and COMMENT so thoroughly? Oh, I CLONE yourself...that's it, isn't it?

    Congrats and so much more ~

  26. Bravo Linda,
    300 posta and now start counting the comments you leave...that will be hard.
    thank you for finding your way to the blogging world.

  27. Yeah! It's so exciting to see such an accomplishment, especially one that you probably never even thought about before two years ago! I know the feeling as blogging wasn't on my radar before 2011! Congrats to you and I thank you for sharing your wisdom and words. It's an amazing feeling being a part of a 'whole other world' - such support and guidance. Thank you for sharing your support with me as well! You are so uplifting and a great cheerleader too! Love the list of bloggers - a few I will have to check out!

  28. Loved your poem just so very much. I always enjoy my visits to your blog as they bring a smile to my face. Thanks for the mention - so very kind. (Thank you for the continual comments as well - I appreciate your support as I grow as a teacher/writer).

  29. Congrats! 300 is definitely an accomplishment. I look forward to reading more of your inspirational writing. I love discovering new blogs, so thanks for the blog list, and thank you for including me!

    Cheers to 300!

  30. Mabruke! (Congratulations in Arabic.) I love getting to pop into your world for a little peak. Thanks for sharing you with us.


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