Friday, May 30, 2014

Quite a "glass-full" week! Chalk-A-Bration too!

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             Celebrating today and every day with words and pictures. A beautiful quote for you this week: "Memory is the scribe of the soul." Aristotle

This is the day of Chalk-A-Bration.
Thanks to Betsy Hubbard for beginning the tradition.
Check other poems out at her blog. Teaching Young Writers.
         It's been a terrific final work week with the class I've had the pleasure of working with. I will finish the year with them on the last day, next Thursday, but my time with them is over, and I'll spend the first days of next week cleaning/straightening/organizing my office, making plans with our librarians for next year. I'll miss the students, but it's also exciting to think of the next year and what might be! Almost time for summer! I posted writing from the group I've been writing with here.

The hummingbird moths have appeared-
petite and gorgeous to see.

Your peonies may have bloomed,
but mine are just appearing!

At the spring share in class, one student's topic was chickens,
and she brought her new chicks. They're fledging now, so cute!

I celebrated my brother's birthday this week.
He's still having fun in his life like in this pic!

          It's going to be an interesting week coming up-final week of school, and today my daughter, son-in-law and two granddaughters are moving in for a week or so while they're having some house renovations done. This will be like a staycation during work, right? Stay tuned!

Have a wonderful week, everyone!


  1. That quote, that quote. It will stay with me forever. Thank you for sharing.

  2. What a great ode to chalk! Thanks for another uplifting post!

  3. I love all of the photographs you share. Gorgeous garden! Enjoy your family filled house for a week! It will be busy and noisy and lots of fun I am sure!

  4. Love your celebrations and your pictures. I especially love the one of your brother. Reminds me of mine. I'm going to spend some time on that Poetry Friday post. Just picked up a Maya Angelo book in the library.

  5. How fun to have your family staying with you for a bit! Enjoy your final week of school. It's so hard to believe another year has passed. I'm looking forward to meeting up in Indiana.

  6. Great celebrations this week! I am ready to say hello to June! Enjoy your last days at school and have a wonderful time with your new "housemates!"

  7. Beautiful quote, Linda. And what a wonderful week.

  8. This is always such an interesting time - closing down the current school year, summer celebrations and continuous thoughts for next year! Enjoy your time with family, I know you'll love seeing those precious girls everyday for awhile!

  9. Wonderful celebrations! Sounds like an extra special week ahead!

  10. Your next week is going to be something - finishing a year at school and hosting your daughter's family. What a mixture. I like that you approach this week with the spirit of celebration.

  11. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pics! Enjoy your last week and time with family!

  12. My peonies are just about blooming, too! Love the sense of fresh beginnings and celebrations in your post, Linda - hello, June!

  13. Thank you for sharing that beautiful quote!! It touched me! Best of luck with your last week of school! Enjoy!!

  14. Great pictures! Enjoy your upcoming very eventful week. :)

  15. We both have busy weeks ahead. Blake is coming home for 3 days mid-week, so I'll be taking my last two personal days. Sub plans to write, but then a couple of wonderful days with my boy!


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