Thursday, August 21, 2014

Special Birthday - Wow-Thirteen!

           Thirteen years is a lot of years of knowing someone, and learning to love them at each step of growing up. It's my grandson Carter's thirteenth birthday today!
        I’ve written quite a few poems about him through the years, what I call “goodbye” poems because each one is a goodbye to who he was before, no longer a toddler, no longer filling the room with toys, no longer a lap sitter. Yet there are important parts that have remained.  He is someone who’s a joy to be with, excited to try new things, helpful, and kind. If you could see him with his two young cousins, you know that he’s a young boy who will grow into a wonderful young man.  Here are thirteen ways of looking at Carter and one more poem.

For Carter’s Thirteenth Birthday

     Oops, it’s time. I must depart
     from this boy who stole my heart.
     Now, he’s looking very tall,
     never plays with toys at all.
     I remember he used to be
     the one that sat and read with me,
      and held my hand as we walked along
     and listened while I sang him songs.
      I also know although he’s grown,
      he’s still the little boy I've known.
                   Linda Baie © All Rights Reserved

 Happy Birthday, Carter!

photo credit: phozographer via photopin cc


  1. A beautiful tribute to what sounds like a very special young man. As the mother of a 14 year old, I could totally relate to your poem, Linda. I miss the little boy, but love and respect the man he's becoming.

    1. Thank you, Michelle. I'm sure you do connect to what I wrote. It's also why I adored teaching this age!

  2. That's really sweet, Linda. The time with young people goes by so fast!

  3. Happy birthday to Carter! What a lucky young man to have such a supportive grandma as you, Linda! Your poem is beautiful and I love the collage of pictures, especially the one where Carter is holding the cat! That cat is almost as big as he is! = )

  4. Such a lovely tribute. He looks like a sweetheart. Happy Birthday to your big little boy!

    1. Love your words, Iza- "big, little boy". Thank you!

  5. How many 13 year old boys have a grandmother write a poem about them and post for all the world to see. Love is all around.

  6. That was such a special poem, Linda - for a very special boy. Special photographs, too - I love the one with his little cousin (Ingrid, perhaps?), such sweet smiles!

    1. The one with all the books is with Ingrid, and the one smiling at each other is Imogene. They both adore Carter! Thanks, Tara!


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