Sunday, January 11, 2015

First Week Blogging-Diving In!

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Yes, my students created their own blogs last week, on blogger. They're on their way! The expectation is a slice by Friday and a brief book review of the previous week's book by Wednesday.

The Best Thing: the writing! While I've emphasized that the slices really can/should be brief, the students have written about a myriad of topics, and done it well. Although some of the editing can be better, this is a start, and I'm taking notes of what needs attention in the coming weeks. 

         I thought you'd like to know about the process, which I "thought" was well-organized. I created a page of instructions to help create the blogs, and it helped, until Google messed us up!

First problem: While I'd planned to work with about half the class at a time in our tech lab, when they began to create the blogs, the first few were successful, and the rest kept receiving an "invalid" message. We soon found out that Google puts a limit on the number of blogs that can be created during a small period of time from the same IP address. So, while I could talk and explain, they had to wait until getting home in order to create the blog.

Other problems: Just a few, like at the beginning of the Slice of Life March challenge, some didn't understand how to link in the comments, and I soon found that while they could post an address, it didn't come up until we had a proper code.   


You copy and paste the unique URL into the url place, and whatever you want to say as an intro goes into the place named "text". Some, only a few, are still struggling with this. And now it's the weekend, but I have been in touch with those few via e-mail.

Next challenge: to learn to find free pictures that will enhance the posts, include book covers sometimes. I use Photopin and Morguefile. Also, I want students to learn about and use other apps that will share the slices in new ways. I know about Canva and e-maze, also Fotor. If you have others you'd love to recommend, please tell me in the comments! 

Happy writing, and writing on your blogs!


  1. Congratulations on started this blogging adventure. We use Kidblogs so all the students blogs are housed in one place. This has worked well for our purpose. Students can access at home, but they do not have to have an email account. Most of mine don't.
    My students have made Animoto videos about books. This may be a way to enrich the book blog posts.
    I am amazed at how blogging has greatly increased the amount my students write in a week. I require 3 posts (Reading, Slice, and Poetry) and 3 comments. I grade on a simple rubric. If I am focusing on one skill, such as hooks, I might have them print a slice for a more extensive rubric, but they always get to choose which one they turn in and they can revise to fit the rubric. My students' writing has really improved.
    All my best to your new adventure!

    1. Thanks so much for the good wishes, Margaret. I like the idea of exploring Animoto. We'll see about the writing. I know that it's a wonderful motivation to find some good topics when blogging & then sharing.


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