Sunday, May 24, 2015

Art Digitally

Margaret Simon of Reflections on The Teche is offering this challenge today on Digilit Sunday: 

Challenge this week: Turn an image of nature into a work of art: #photoart

Visit her post to see her sharing and all the others who are linking up!

         My favorite is still Skitch, connected to Evernote, ease of use, can alter in multiple ways. Here's an old spring poem:


  1. Started collecting on a Pinterest board. Thanks for playing along.

  2. The vibrant colors of the single tulip against the otherwise empty landscape is striking. I like Skitch too, for its ease of use. I use it for marking photos that I take when conferring with students. I've even decided to use it with photos of my garden this summer. I always forget what I plant where from year to year. I think Skitch might help me solve my problem. :) BTW, I won't be going to All Write this year. I'm working with a group of teachers at the summer institute with Columbus Area Writing Project during that time. Maybe next year.


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