Thursday, May 28, 2015

Considering A Leaf in May

        That final Poetry Friday in May is hosted by Margaret Simon at Reflections on the Teche. It seems like a good time to celebrate summer, ready for those glorious days of color-filled June. Margaret talks of ideas growing, and I have had the pleasure of adding to Amy Ludwig VanDerwater and Kimberley Moran's idea of adding ideas for summer notebooks. You can find the collection kickoff here
         Thanks for hosting, Margaret.

         Nikki Grimes has challenged everyone at Michelle Barnes' Today's Little Ditty to try a wordplay exercise this month, to write a free verse poems per one word from the word list given. Click HERE for all the details.
          I do love Michelle's challenges, and am late writing, but did manage one this week.  

Leaf Maps

Consider the veins:
tiniest of lines,
road map of leafy highways,
echoing the plant’s branches -
drinking long,
creating beauty,
glorious green energy
to send back down the road.
Linda Baie ©All Rights Reserved


  1. I am drinking this in on so many levels, Linda. Thank you. What a truly amazing month of poetry this has been!

    1. Isn't it interesting what inspires people to write so beautifully? Thank you Michelle, and to Nikki, too, for the challenge!

  2. A leaf as road map! Love this image, Linda, and your beautiful consideration of it. Wishing you blessings in this transition time, and may your garden stay lush and green all summer! :0)

  3. Your insight is amazing, Linda!
    "glorious green energy
    to send back down the road." - so good! =)

  4. What a lovely poem, Linda ( and the photo is perfect for it!). Love "leafy highways . . . drinking long, creating beauty."

  5. I like how closely you are bringing us to the leaves, Linda, getting so close to their inner workings and vivacity!

  6. Leaf maps, love them. Your image is inviting as well. Thanks for joining the PF parade.

  7. I like this new look at those familiar veins! Leaf maps take us to hidden, natural destinations!

  8. I think I gushed over this at Michelle's blog! It really is thought-provokingly-simple.

  9. Beautiful, Linda. I love the "glorious green energy" traveling along the highways of this leaf!

  10. Thanks everyone, with all the unusual rain we've had lately, green and growing is our spring, leaves seem so happy!

  11. That is perfect - you have taken something minute an ordinary thing and transformed it into something extraordinary. Just lovely.

  12. I love the line "echoing the plant's branches" - because they do. Just lovely! Isn't Michelle's collection amazing?

  13. I love how you take the contemplation from the tiny to the tremendous. Great poem.

  14. I love how your poem celebrates one of the tiniest details of life!


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