Tuesday, June 14, 2016

New DK Books!

              Thanks to Alyson Beecher's Non-Fiction Picture Book Challenge at Kidlit Frenzy, everyone shares wonderful non-fiction picture books. We learn much from authors who are sharing about special topics.

              All through my teaching years, DK books have been a component of research for my students. Each student chose a specific topic to explore, and these books gave the basic information needed to start the journey. The information was thorough, and through the narratives and the graphics, the books helped students ask more questions, and dig even deeper into their topics.

             I have the pleasure of sharing some books just coming out in June and July from the DK Reading series, updated for differing levels of readers. The information given says: "Each book is written and reviewed by literacy experts, and contains a glossary and index, making them the perfect choice for helping develop strong reading habits among kids ages 4–12."  Topics range widely, from jungle animals to rockets, from spiders to heroes. This time they've chosen "modern subjects and enticing covers that compete for the time and attention of digital-era kids." I would add that even the books for the beginning readers also have a table of contents, and those for older readers have short 
quizzes at the end of the book. Each book includes parent information also.

Here are photos of some of my favorite pages from the books I read. Click each picture to enlarge.

         Each book holds special pages about certain things. This Star Wars

narrative that follows some of the plot of the recent movie included these
two pages with descriptions some of the vehicles and StormTrooper

          This book about bees for beginning readers relates

basic information about bees, then adds pages
of facts about bees' unique qualities, like this one
about bee dances. I was impressed with the
breadth of details included in what is called a
"early reader".

             For those learning to read, there is a book about sea otters.
This, like the others, holds great basic information, with fabulous
pictures to learn more from too.
For older readers, Lego figures tell a Ninja Warrior story,
including historical background and plenty of pictures that
help understand the characters and those traditions they follow.
Yes, there are female ninja, too!
From DK: "Four levels of DK Readers are aimed at different reading abilities, enabling parents and teachers to choose the books that are exactly right for each child: Level 1: Learning to read, Level 2: Beginning to read, Level 3: Beginning to read alone, and Level 4: Reading alone." 

           As you can see from the samples, the books include narrative stories and information, sometimes giving the details in different ways, like charts and illuminated photos. Text helping children learn about favored topics and helping with reading skills is something to celebrate indeed. Thanks to the publisher for the samples and giving me a chance to share these with you.

Books out in June
Books Coming In July


  1. I had somehow missed that DK has an early reader series. Thanks for highlighting it!

    1. I enjoyed the books thoroughly, Annette. Hope you'll be able to get a few for your students.

  2. Those do look great, thanks for the inside peeks. I would really like to get the bee one - they really are fascinating creatures!

    1. I enjoyed this book, thought it terrific that so much information was included. Bees are amazing in their development. Thanks, Michele.

  3. I typically enjoy DK books. I will have to get the Star Wars one for sure.

    1. It is very fun, Crystal, with so much information. Thanks!

  4. I am always excited to see new DK books! Thank you for sharing :)


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