Sunday, August 28, 2016

Still Those Little Things!

  This weekend I celebrate with Ruth Ayres at Discover Play Build.  and link with others who share their celebrations, too. I am grateful to Ruth for starting this meme that offers a place to celebrate together!

      I've felt rather stuck about this post in the past couple of days. I can celebrate that it was a good week, and the ordinary days are those I savor. After a wonderful trip, I was happy to be home, and to find enjoyable days. I wrote about the challenge of the word "ordinary" some time ago, wondering why we (I) think I have to find something really special for this post. I do struggle with it even though I relish those little things that make my life good. I thought all day yesterday, in the midst of working at the bookstore, on my way home, cleaning in the afternoon, could not find a way into writing--until late evening when I read a few more poems by Mary Oliver.  This time I discovered "Gratitude" in which Mary takes a line at a time and answers her own questions. It is not as eloquent, but does reflect my celebration. Thus:

What did you notice? 
        The cloudy sky, bringing rain our way. The rose by my fence, opening more each day.

What did you hear?
        The robin's cheer, a hawk's wild scream. The neighbor's one year old's laughter.

What did you admire?
         The new volunteers who took a risk and met me at the bookstore, eager, shy, full of questions and willingness to give their time.

What would you like to see again?
         The mom who helped her son choose just the right book at the store, no pressure, sweet questions.

What was most tender?
          My youngest granddaughter waving at the bookstore window, bringing a box of books to donate, excited to be off on Saturday errands with her mama.

What was most wonderful?
          Staying at home reading, happy that I had a free day.

What did you think was happening?
          I am still learning how to be alone in these years without my husband, and each day, although I miss him still, I celebrate that my life holds wonder.


  1. Such sweet celebrations of the ordinary! I am heading to the pool in a few minutes, this might be something I want to capture in my notebook. Happy Sunday! I think about you and your husband often when I visit my grandmother who is struggling to hold to on to her memories. Hugs to you!

    1. Thank you, Leigh Anne. The poem was so uplifting to me! I hope you have a wonderful time at the pool, final times, right? Happy Sunday to you, too, and best wishes to your grandmother, not an easy time I know.

  2. I love to turn to the masters when I am stuck and Mary Oliver is one of the best. Love this form. And that you found a way to celebrate the ordinary.

    1. Thanks, Margaret, it meant I could find some way into what I wanted to say.


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