Thursday, April 13, 2017

#NPM17 - 13/30 - A Tiny Change

#NPM17 - Poem 13/30 - National Poetry Month.

          "Poetry is plucking at the heartstrings, and making music with them." ― Dennis Gabor." 

           My goal for Poetry Month: TINY THINGS. My choices may surprise you, and I'm excited to write, share, and read how everyone writes to meet their special goals for celebrating poetry month.

    Poetic things of interest:  
See Irene Latham's  Progressive Poem's schedule on the page above.  
      See what everyone is doing for Poetry Month, HERE at Jama Rattigan's post at Jama's Alphabet Soup.

         Bridget Magee and her family have started a project in response to the chaos happening in our government. Go HERE to find out about it, to see how you can help!

            Our last "predicted" frost-free date here is Mother's Day. While spring flowers are blooming and leaves on trees and shrubs are popping out, the evenings and nights are still cool, in the forties. We have had snow in May!

a tiny change

Spring shivers in again,
wonders why she left her
old coat behind

Linda Baie © All Rights Reserved

photo credit: vapour trail Nippy in the shade. Glorious out of it. via photopin <a href="">(license)


  1. I'm imagining what Spring's old coat must look like, Linda. Is it made of feathers? Young leaves? Flowers?

    1. Considering nearly everyone has cleaned leaves ready for the new growth, I imagine it is leaves, Laura. Ha! Perhaps this needs a second poem? Thanks!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Michelle. The heat came on this am, but it will warm up through the day! That's spring!

  3. A perfect poem for the fickleness of spring! Just when we think it's warming up, the wind kicks up and we're reaching again for our coats.

  4. That old coat....I'll bet THAT could tell some stories.


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