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#NPM17 - poem 29 of 30 - Celebrating Friendship

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         Celebrating with Ruth Ayres and others at Discover Play Build. And it's the next to last day of April-- poetry month. 

         Anon, who wrote so many poems without signing them, was often a woman. ― Virginia Woolf

           See all the poetic events this month in the sidebar.  My goal for Poetry Month: 

       Friendship is NOT a tiny thing, but being a friend is made of tiny things. You take time even when feeling the plate is mighty full. You send a card, make a phone call, do something kind. And you listen more than talk. This poem captures a long ago memory. As a child, I really did meet friends under huge lilac bushes. There was a hollow place under which we could meet to talk, and we did create endless clubs, with rules and promises. I celebrate the friendships I had then, through the years, and now. I do think women have a special bond, and endless fun, too. 

Summer afternoons, shimmering sunshine -
playmates scurry
under cool lilac shade.

We were giggling girls in cotton dresses,
creating secret plans.
One holds a Big Chief tablet and a pencil,

Each whispers a rule.
and each promises a bond,
the first of many
among little girls.

Linda Baie © All Rights Reserved

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  1. Linda," Friendship is NOT a tiny thing, but being a friend is made of tiny things. " This is a lesson that I am still learning. I use to think it was the big events and now I realize it can be the smallest moment that warms my heart. Happy Saturday.

    1. Thanks, Maria, all those 'tiny things' mean much to me for sure!

  2. You are such a friend to so many in so many ways....I think this poem is you!

    1. Aw! Thanks, Linda. It was a fun poem to write of that time so long ago.

  3. This just brought back such a clear memory of meeting with a group of friends under a bush at school. I hadn't thought of that in years. Thanks!

    1. Wonderful to hear. In the heat, it was the best place to be!

  4. Your poem brought back memories of "powwows" with friends- our spot was by the creek that ran behind our neighborhood.

    1. I imagine many of us found our special places! Thanks, Diane.

  5. Oh, Linda, I love this! Leaves me thinking of my sister, of my best girlfriends, and of Big Chief tablets. Sigh. :)

    1. Those memories are good ones, and I'm glad this sparked some of yours, Karen. Thank you!

  6. Oh, Linda, thanks for bringing back some wonderful childhood memories. Our yard was separated from a retired couple's yard by a HUGE lilac hedge. We had "rooms" inside that hedge where my brothers and neighborhood friends play by the hour. I've enjoyed catching your "tiny things" throughout April.

    1. I love hearing this, Alice. There are spaces under, and we loved them, too. Thank you for sharing!

  7. Simply beautiful. It made me remember young friendship.

    1. Thank you, Crystal. I imagine there are many of us that have these memories!

  8. Oh, Linda, I missed this one! What a gift those young (and old) friendships are in our lives. The alliteration in the first stanza is so lovely. And that reporter-in-charge with a Big Chief tablet in hand brings back memories.


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