Sunday, November 26, 2017

A Week of Celebrations

     Celebrating with Ruth Ayres and others today. After this Thanksgiving, I have had a day or two to bring up the boxes of Christmas decorations from the basement. It makes me happy to see old favorites and to fill my home with glittery trees, small wooden signs, and holiday art I don't see but once a year, like this painting, a gift from my husband years ago. We have lots of art, but this newly hung piece means Christmas is near. 

      I created displays at the bookstore yesterday of all our holiday books that we have stored. No picture, but there are many available! 

       And I began reading an old favorite book, also a gift long ago. If you don't know it, see if you can find a copy, especially if you love children's books like I do.
        It's been a lovely week of visiting. Nathan, Barb, and Carter arrived over a week ago because they had appointments to visit CU and CSU. It' hard to believe Carter is looking at colleges! And they brought the new "kids", Abe and Teddy, sweet dogs, but they are now big enough to escape my yard, so we had to create a few barriers in a couple of places. They all moved to the mountains to our condo to be with friends for a ski Thanksgiving. I had the holiday with Sarah, Dave, Ingrid and Imogene. Some of the pics show that the girls really wanted to eat dinner fast so they could have PIE. 
click to enlarge

        A week of celebrations ends with me having finished the cleaning and am writing and reading, ready for a regular week! But actually, the girls will spend part of tomorrow with me, still one more day of school vacation! They'll help me decorate! 
        Have a wonderful week everyone!


  1. Decorating with the girls - what fun! Love seeing the pics of the handsome new kids! And I'm with the girls - the berry pie looks absolutely delicious. So fun to see these glimpses of your week.

    1. It will be a fun way to start the week, I agree. I should have put it in the post, but Ingrid loves the blueberry pie, too as you saw. Imogene, however, thought there was no other food suitable to eat that day but pumpkin.Thanks, Ramona, so glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, too.

  2. What a lovely visiting week you had. And I think it is sweet that the girls will have a bit more time with you to help with decorations. You have stories to tell as you bring out the decorations.

    1. Yes, and they will remember some, too, Terje. Stories make it all a wonderful time. Thanks!


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