Saturday, December 16, 2017

Celebrating Some Fine Moments

     Celebrating with Ruth Ayres and others today.  It's a good thing to celebrate the pieces of our lives.

      Celebrating writing and art and snow!
      Many of you know I'm writing a haiku a day, Mary Lee Hahn's #haikuforhealing challenge started last year in December and now perhaps a tradition. It is one I love. It's that quiet contemplation in the early morning that is so good for waking up. Here's a recent favorite, really a 'haiga' because it's written to an image.

        I shopped in a favorite shopping district last Monday. It happens to be on the street where my husband ran his store, so I've walked this street many times. It holds good memories. My favorite shop is The Artisan Center, not all local, but with all original pieces by artists. The shop and the area are filled with beautiful and whimsical art, one of which is this lion, whose bold, royal look pleases me a lot. 
       Though I do like warm weather, we've gone two months without moisture, so waking to this "coverlet" of snow one morning felt like a big gift. We were in the fifties again today, cold tomorrow, then warm, etc. They say that winter is coming, on Thursday to be exact, and we might have more snow! Happy Holidays to everyone. May your days be bright and if possible, all your gardens be white.


  1. Lovely celebration. I am missing the haikus. But ... still not too late. Healing and haikus can still happen!

  2. We've had a few comforters of snow, Linda ;)...but I love the lacy look of your coverlet. Gorgeous photograph and haiku, too!

  3. Winter is coming on Thursday. I kind of like you have a start day for winter. Our winter comes and goes and on some days we have several seasons in one. I wish that you will get the beautiful snow that will last and not melt instantly.

  4. Love your baby sunrise haiku and such a beautiful sky! Glad you got to stroll that shopping district and relive happy memories. We don't have much chance of snow this week, but the rain has returned. And then some days of possible sunshine, but cold! It will be winter on Thursday, so I guess it's time for cold.

  5. I've been busy all day, so no time to check online. Thanks, everyone. It is nice to celebrate. On Thursday, that first official day of winter, we do have cold and snow in the forecast. I hope not too much. Nathan,Barb & Carter come in late Friday! Have wonderful Christmases with your families!


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