Sunday, December 31, 2017

Final #MustReadin2017 Update

       It's been a few years that a group has joined together to choose a list of "MustReads", books that drop to the bottom of the stack for some unknown reasons, books we really want to read! It's a reading challenge led by Carrie Gelson at There is a Book for That. It's both fun and frustrating that new books appear that I want to read first, but the list keeps calling. Everyone chooses their own specific reading goals. I post the list in the top bar of the blog. Most years I add books that again were not read, and then add new ones, too.

         This year I chose twenty-six books and read sixteen of them, enjoyed those I read, will move some to a new list soon! You can access my reviews on Goodreads.
         It's hard to choose favorites because I enjoyed each one of these. I was glad to catch up with Alma Flor Ada's books because she finds wonderful ways to include cultural experiences in her stories that can teach kids about other's lives. I love books that help kids see ways of healing in a tragedy, so thoroughly enjoyed When Friendship Followed Me Home, The Seventh Most Important Thing, and Glory Be. And I love Neil Gaiman's The Graveyard Book and adored the re-telling in a graphic novel. Parched showed frightening circumstances that were overcome and of course, The March Trilogy included those terrible times in the Civil Rights movement. Others not mentioned, awesome too! 

        Thanks to everyone for helping me find good books through your recommendations! Wishing you a Happy New Year of reading!


  1. If there were more hours in the day or another day in the week, maybe we could get through all the books on our TBR lists! It probably still would never happen, though, since there is always another great-sounding book to add to the list! Look forward to reading your must-read list for 2018!

  2. When Friendship Followed me Home was a favourite for me too!

  3. Oh! Coming here reminded me of the March Trilogy. I am ordering books tonight, and must get these. Thanks. :) Happy New Year!

  4. I loved The Seventh Most Important Thing. I'll have to maybe put When Friendship Followed Me Home on my 2019 list!! I've got the March trilogy on my list for this year.


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