Saturday, April 27, 2019

NPM19 - #27 - Life Reversed!

   Back to the book and time. 

Tabatha Yeatts has created a link to poems teachers and librarians can print for poetry month, titled "Poetry in The Halls". I'm grateful to be one of the poets!

Jama Rattigan has a post HERE with many poets' goals for April.

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Life Reversed!

My days could not possibly be everything I want
And I try not to believe that
All I wish is some time for myself and those I love
It may be surprising to others that
Problems today are challenging  
I won’t accept that
we can do everything for our people
Though I tell others that
It is worth the time
Some believe
Hard work pays dividends  
I see things differently because
We will benefit from summer weeks of rest and recuperation, yet
Renewal for humans stems only in part from sleeping in and eating well
We do not always need to play and (sad to say)
It is a false belief that
We will have the happiest of summers because
All of this will stay a reality unless we choose to reverse it

Linda Baie ©


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